Family Medical Leave Act Law
United States of America v. Jack Owuor

San Diego, California criminal lawyer represented Defendant charged with conspiracy to conduct or participate in an enterprise through a patter of racketeering activity (fraud).

Jack Owuor, a resident of Paramount, California, was sentenced in federal court to 46 months in prison for participating in a large-scale “grandparent scam” racketeering conspiracy. As part of his guilty plea... More...
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Covenant Clearinghouse, LLC v. Christa J. Foster

Fort Worth, Texas – Real Estate lawyer represented Appellee with invoking the procedure to have a “notice of claims” concerning her property.

This suit began when appellee Christa J. Foster filed a motion to challenge an
alleged lien on her property in Denton County. The motion alleged that in 2009,
Robert and Jo... More...
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United States of America v. Christopher Michael Guinn

Tulsa, Oklahoma criminal lawyer represented Defendant charged with sexually assaulting and strangling a former dating partner.

In January, a jury convicted Christopher Michael Guinn, age 23, for aggravated sexual abuse by force and threat in Indian Country and for assault of an intimate/dating partner by strangling and attempting to strangle in Indian Country.

“Christopher Gui... More...
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David Guldseth, M.D. v. Family Medicine Associates, LLC, et al.

Boston, Massachusetts trial lawyers represented Plaintiff, who sued Defendants on breach of contract theories.

This case illustrates the
reason why the age-old adage "get that in writing" withstands the
test of time. Following an employment relationship gone wrong,
David Guldseth, MD, brought a seven-count complaint against his
former employer, Family Medicine Associates L... More...
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United States of America v. John Jacobs Ahrens

Tulsa, Oklahoma criminal lawyer represented Defendant charged with sending emails threatening the President and the families and members of Congress and their families.

John Jacob Ahrens, age 59, sent threatening emails to KOTV Channel 6 directed at President Joseph Biden and unnamed members of the Congress and their families, announced U.S. Attorney Clint Johnson.

“John Ahrens... More...
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Viaso Transportation Solutions, LLC and Avanza Construction & Earthwork, LLC v. Ancortex, Inc.

Fort Worth, Texas – Negligence lawyer represented Appellants with appealing a default judgment on a negligence claim.

In May 2020, Appellants’ driver, Carlos Cabello,1 transported Ancortex’s
Casagrande from San Antonio to Fort Worth on a lowboy trailer.2 To reach his
The record does not specify which of the ... More...
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Saied Emami v. Kathy Jo Emami

Fort Worth, Texas – Divorce lawyer represented Appellant with appealing his motion to revoke a mediated settlement agreement.

Husband and Appellee Kathy Jo Emami (Wife) married in 1990. In July 2020,
Wife filed a petition for divorce, and Husband subsequently filed a counterpetition.
On July 7, 2021, the parties enga... More...
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Sarah Simon v. Cooperative Educational Services Agency #5

Madison, Wisconsin civil rights lawyer represented Plaintiff, who sued defendant on a Family Medical Leave Act violation theory.

When Sarah Simon returned from
medical leave, her employer, Cooperative Educational Ser-
vice Agency #5, did not allow her to return to her previous
position as a lead teacher at her school. Instead, it placed her
in a backwater position with few... More...
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Cynthia Ann Mitsch Bearden v. Jared Leclair

Fort Worth, Texas – Civil Litigation lawyer represented Appellant with being dishonest in business dealings claims against Appellee.

Two horses and three people—Appellant Cynthia Ann Mitsch Bearden,
Appellee Jared Leclair, and Dr. Daniel Dugan—are in the center ring of this case. In
late 2011, Leclair was stabling ... More...
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United States of America v. Daniel Brown

Grand Rapids, Michigan criminal lawyer represented Defendant charged with conspiracy to commit health care fraud.

Daniel Brown, from Dimondale, Michigan, entered into an agreement with Michigan State University for provide expensive and medically unnecessary compounded pain creams and patches prescribed to Michigan State University (“MSU”) employees that were filled by pharmacies in ... More...
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United States of America v. Peter Adamczak

Central Islip, New York criminal lawyer represented Defendant charged with health care fraud.

Peter Adamczak, age 65, a licensed chiropractor operating in East Meadow, Long Island, pleaded guilty to health care fraud in connection with billing a private insurance company over $1 million for acupuncture services that were never performed.

“Adamczak bilked an insurance company ... More...
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Walter Dean and Dean Wollenzien v. National Production Workers Union Severance Trust Plan, et al.

Chicago, Illinois labor lawyers represented Plaintiffs who sued Defendants on Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) violation theories.

Walter Dean and Dean Wollenzien sued their former pension plans, the plans’
trustees, and the plans’ administrator for various claims un-
der the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974—
more commonly known as E... More...
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United States of America v. Thomas Daniel Johnson

Tulsa, Oklahoma criminal lawyer represented Defendant charged with attempted coercion and/or enticement of a minor.

Thomas Daniel Johonson, age 49, of Sand Springs, Oklahoma was convicted in February, 2022, for engaging in a sexualized relationship with a minor and attempting to coerce or entire the minor in sexual activity.

This fraudulent mentor’s illicit acts were brought to... More...
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Family and Estate of Adrion Curry v. Alabama Department of Human Resources, et al.

Montgomery, Alabama personal injury lawyers represented Plaintiff, who sued the Defendants on negligence theories claiming that their son died as a direct result of reckless mismanagement of his medical needs.

Adrion Curry was placed in the custody of the Alabama Department of Human Resources in 2013, when he was 8 years old. His DHR case worker, Kristi Kelley, and foster care provider, ... More...
   $15000000 (08-15-2022 - AL)

United States of America v. Thomas Romano

Columbus, Ohio criminal lawyer represented Defendant charged with distributing opioids.

Thomas Romano, 72, of Wheeling, West Virginia, owned and operated a self-named pain management clinic where his clients traveled hundreds of miles to obtain prescriptions for opioids and other controlled substances. For his opioid and other controlled substance prescriptions, Romano only accepted cash... More...
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Joseph Weaver v. The State of Texas Child Sexual Predator

Fort Worth, Texas – Criminal Defense lawyer represented defendant with indecency with a child by contact and three counts of sexual assault of a child charges.

Weaver and Lisa1 met on the first day of their senior year in high school after
Weaver moved with his family to North Texas from Houston. Weaver and Lisa
began... More...
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In the Estate of Xavier Gomez III, Deceased

Fort Worth, Texas – Probate lawyer represented Appellee with contending that she is heir because the two of them entered into a common-law marriage.

The underlying probate proceeding concerns the decedent Mr. Xavier
Gomez III, who was killed in an accident while employed by Appellant Jackson
Construction, Ltd. Prior t... More...
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Demetrius Grant v. Wind Turbine and Energy Cables Corp. and Arrow Personnel, LLC

Fort Worth, Texas – Personal Injury lawyer represented Appellant with a negligence claim.

Most of the relevant facts are undisputed. It is undisputed that Arrow
interviewed and hired Grant and that it assigned him to work at WTEC’s warehouse as
a temporary worker. WTEC, in turn, provided Grant with warehouse-s... More...
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Donna Payne, individually and as representative of the Estate of Neil Harrah v. BNSF Railway Company, (Individually and as Successor-in Interest to the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Company, Atchison and Quincy Railroad Company, Burlington Northern, Inc., and Burlington Northern Railroad Company

Fort Worth, Texas – Personal Injury lawyer represented Appellant with suing for exposure to asbestos that ultimately resulted in his death from cancer.

In 1957, Harrah began working for what is now BNSF Railway Company. He
was a fireman and locomotive engineer. While working on (or near) BNSF’s
locomotives and facili... More...
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Christopher Timothy Sherman v. Mollie Marie Sherman

Fort Worth, Texas – Divorce lawyer represented Appellee with requesting post-divorce spousal maintenance.

Christopher and Mollie Sherman were married for almost thirteen years when
Mollie filed her petition for divorce. In her petition, Mollie requested post-divorce
spousal maintenance for a reasonable period. In the... More...
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Houston, TX – Child Custode lawyer represented defendant with appealing the Final Order terminating her parental rights to her child.

Mother and Father had one child, B.A.M., born on March 27, 2015, who is
the subject of this suit. This investigation of Mother1 began in December 2020 after
appellee, the Department o... More...
   $0 (08-14-2022 - TX)

Harley Channelview Properties, LLC v. Harley Marine Gulf, LLC

Houston, TX – Real Estate lawyer represented Appellant with appealing a Lease Agreement and Moorage Agreement with appellee.

On January 31, 2011, Channelview, as landlord, entered into a Consolidated
Lease Agreement and Moorage Agreement with appellee, HMG, as tenant,
covering a maritime facility along the Hou... More...
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United States of America v. Mitchell Spivack

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania criminal law lawyer represented Defendant charged with illegally dispensing controlled drugs.

Philadelphia-based Spivack, Inc., previously operating under the name Verree Pharmacy, and owner-pharmacist Mitchell Spivack, to resolve allegations that they engaged in a years-long practice of illegally dispensing opioids and other controlled substances, and systemati... More...
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Jaime Ramirez Guardia and Andrea Martinez- Flores v. Department of Family and Protective Services

Houston, TX – Family Law lawyer represented defendant with filing a petition for bill of review to restore their parental rights.

The children who are the subject of this appeal are half-siblings J.C. and E.C.1
Jaime is the biological father of both children, and Andrea is the biological mother
of only E.C.2
In J... More...
   $0 (08-13-2022 - TX)

Linda P. Smith v. Xavier Becerra

Salt Lake City, Utah civil litigation lawyer represented Plaintiff, who sued Defendant seeking reimbursement for health care.

Like many diabetics, Linda Smith uses a prescribed continuous glucose
monitor (CGM) to track and regulate her glucose levels. When Smith purchased
her CGM and its necessary supplies between 2016 and 2018, she sought
reimbursement for her expenses throug... More...
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