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Family and Estate of Chatin Pawson v. Q Bar and Savario Simmons
Decatur, Illinois personal injury wrongful death lawyer represented Plaintiff, who sued Defendants on dram shop and auto negligence theories claiming that Chastin Pawson, age 25, was killed in a car wreck caused by Simmons, who had a blood alcohol content of .209....
( 05-25-2022 - IL)

State of Illinois v. Keith L. Terrell
Sycamore, IL - Defendant Found Guilty In Shaken Baby Case The State of Illinois charged Keith L. Terrell, 26, with first-degree murder and two counts of aggravated battery of a child for killing his 7-week-old daughter Kelis by shaking her violently in August 2013. Defendant's confession to the crime was videotaped. (720 ILCS 5/9-1) (from Ch. 38, par. 9-1) Sec. 9-1. Firs...
( 10-08-2016 - IL)

State of Illinois v. Jack Daniel McCullough a/k/a Jack Tessier and John Cherry
Sycamore, IL - Murder Conviction for 1957 Murder Set Aside The State of Illinois charged Jack McCullough, age 76, with first-degree murder asserting that he killed Maria Rudolph, age 7, in 1957. The child was abducted by a young man who called himself "Johnny" at6:45 p.m. Her remains were found by hikers five months later. Defendant was charged with the child's death in 201...
( 04-24-2016 - IL)

David Kordek v. Dr. Vijay Marwaha
David Kordek, age 44, Sued Dr. Vijay Marwaha on a medical malpractice theory alleging that Dr. Marwaha acted below the standard of care in caring for and treating him and, as a direct, result failed to diagnose that he had bladder cancer and kidney disease with the result that he was denied the chance of successful treatment. Plaintiff was treated by Dr. Marwaha between June and November 2003 ...
( 08-25-2007 - IL)

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