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Jim Brackett
Showcase Properties, Inc.

330 North Boulder
Tulsa, OK 74119

Office: 918-749-7747
Phone: 918-688-7747
FAX: 918-587-7747

Expertise: is the search engine for business professionals and investors looking for their next commercial property to lease or buy. Search from over one million properties across all asset classes, including: office space for lease, office space for sale, industrial property for lease, warehouses for sale, retail properties for lease, retail property for sale, multifamily apartments and land investments. Just a few clicks is all it takes to get the most complete data on each property, including: property information, space-level detail, photo galleries, bird's eye views and broker contact details. And because is powered by CoStar Group — the #1 provider of information, marketing and analytic services to the commercial real estate industry — all property data is verified for accuracy by the industry's largest group of market research professionals. If you're a commercial real estate professional with property listings, get them in front of one of the Web's largest audiences of tenants and investors. Brokers, visit to learn how SHOWCASE can take your listings to the next level.

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