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Tom Foster
Foster Web Marketing

Fairfax, VA 22030

Office: 866-497-6199
FAX: 703-997-1309

Expertise: Tom Foster founded Foster Web Marketing with one specific goal in mind: he wanted to make marketing easier for attorneys, doctors, and business owners by building trust and giving them the tools they need to market themselves effectively.

We realize how difficult it can be to run a business. You’ve got people to manage, clients to think about, and an area of expertise to practice. Marketing is not easy and the Internet is always changing, so it can be incredibly challenging to stay on top of the best practices and implement them effectively. To make matters worse, there are countless “snake oil” marketers who will take advantage of anyone who doesn’t know better (and unless you are a full-time marketer, it’s hard to know better).

Through our articles, blog posts, FAQs, videos, books, and our live monthly webinars, we educate lawyers, doctors, and small business owners on the most current, effective marketing practices. We give you all of the tools to do it yourself, and you can see firsthand through our software’s analytics integration that we deliver honest and effective solutions.

You and your marketing team can use this information to create a sustainable and powerful marketing strategy, or you may realize that you want us to handle it all for you. No matter which path you choose for your business, you can be confident that Foster Web Marketing will provide you with an ethical, honest, and powerful marketing plan.

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