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William Bartman
Elite Card Services, LLC

6810 East 42nd Street
Tulsa, OK 74146

Office: 918-895-6560
Phone: 918-504-5123
FAX: 918-895-6586

Expertise: A Local-Family Owned, Debt Free, and a Faith Based Company. We pursue our business practice in a Godly manner using legal, moral, and ethical principles. Our goal is to provide quality merchant services using money saving techniques for today’s business owner in a way that is efficient for both the business owner and consumer.

NO Contract
FREE EQUIPMENT & Lifetime Warranty
NO Start-Up Cost
NO Sign-Up Fee
NO Set-Up Fee
NO Termination Fee
NO Annual Fee
PCI Compliance waived for the first year and $4.95 a month after the first year
VISA/ MasterCard/ Discover – use all three for no additional fees or charges
Credit Rate - 1.69% to 1.59%
Debit Rate – 1.29% to .89%
Transaction Rate .07 cents - .04 cents
Guaranteed 10% Savings over Current Provider or we will pay you $500 CASH( Must Be Doing $2500 a Month In Credit Card Sales)
ECS will take care of Cancellation Fee from Current Provider up to $495
Buy-out on current contracts available
Free Paper with ECS Membership of $9.95 and up
Monthly Service fee $5.00
$300 Sign-Up Bonus w/contract
Online Statements
Next Day to 2 Day Funding

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