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Date: 08-11-2023

Case Style:

Allison McSwain, et al. v. Primier Chevrolet, Inc., et al.

Case Number: 2:23-cv-00171

Judge: Anna M Manasco

Court: United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama (Jefferson County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Mike Parrish and Tom Donald

Defendant's Attorney:

Joseph E. Stott for Premier Chevrolet, Inc.

Warren Butler for tep One Automotive BS AL, LLC

Greg Taube to Ally Financial, Inc.

Scott Gilliland for Jennifer Gibson

Description: Birmingham, Alabama consumer law lawyers represented Plaintiffs who sued Defendants claiming wrongful conduct in the sale and purchased of an automobile including financing.

Examples of consumer fraud in the sale of automobiles:

"Fraud in the sale of automobiles is a common problem that can have serious consequences for consumers. Some of the most common types of auto dealer fraud include:

Odometer fraud: This involves rolling back the odometer on a used car to make it appear to have fewer miles than it actually does. This can deceive consumers into paying more for a car than it is worth.
Lemon law violations: Lemon laws protect consumers from buying cars that are defective and cannot be repaired. Auto dealers who violate lemon laws may try to sell cars that they know are defective, or they may refuse to honor the terms of the lemon law.
Warranty fraud: Auto dealers may make false promises about the terms of a warranty, or they may refuse to honor the warranty when a problem arises.
Hidden damage: Auto dealers may fail to disclose damage to a car, such as damage from an accident or flood. This can make the car unsafe to drive and can also reduce its value.
Inflated prices: Auto dealers may inflate the price of a car, either by adding unnecessary fees or by charging more than the car is worth.
High-pressure sales tactics: Auto dealers may use high-pressure sales tactics to pressure consumers into buying a car that they do not want or need.
De-horsing. Getting the prospective purchaser to surrender his or her automobile and take the new one home.
Bate and switch on financing interest, terms and conditions.

If you believe that you have been the victim of auto dealer fraud, you should contact an attorney who specializes in consumer protection law. An attorney can help you investigate your claim and file a lawsuit if necessary.

Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

National Consumer Law Center:
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:
Federal Trade Commission:"

Google Bard

Outcome: 08/11/2023 25 ORDER OF DISMISSAL-For the foregoing reasons, the court hereby ORDERS that this action against Premiere Chevrolet, Ally, Ms. Knox, Mr. Sizemore, and Ms. Gibson shall be, and is, DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE with costs taxed as paid. The court therefore DENIES AS MOOT, the Motion to Dismiss, 10 The court further ORDERS that Ms. Gibson's crossclaims against Premiere Chevrolet be DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE. Signed by Judge Anna M Manasco on 08/11/2023. (AKD) (Entered: 08/11/2023)

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