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United States of America v. Raymundo Lopez Casillas, III

Tucson, Arizona felony possession of a machine gun criminal defense lawyer represented Defendant.

Raymundo Lopez Casillas, III, 20, of Tucson, to 60 months in prison for unlawful possession of three machineguns, six pipe bombs, and a firearm silencer. Casillas previously pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of unregistered firearms.

On June 7, 2019, Casillas discharged a firearm... More...
   $0 (03-02-2021 - AZ)

State of New Jersey v. Hakum Brown a/k/a Hakeem Brown AND State of New Jersey v. Rodney Brown

Trenton, NJ - Criminal defense attorney represented Hakum Brown a/k/a Hakeem Brown and Rodney Brown with the enhanced third-degree offense of failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements.

In 1995, Rodney Brown (R.B.) was convicted of sexual assault. In 2000, Hakum
Brown (H.B.) was convicted of sexual ass... More...
   $0 (02-09-2021 - NJ)

State of New Jersey v Hakum Brown a/k/a Hakeem Brown and State of New Jersey v. Rodney Brown

Trenton, NJ - Criminal defense attorney represented Rodney Brown and Hakum Brown with a sexual assault and sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child charges.

New Jersey’s law governing the sex offender registration and
notification system, N.J.S.A. 2C:7-1 to -23, is commonly known as Megan’s
Law, aft... More...
   $0 (02-09-2021 - NJ)

United States of America v. Sefira Capital, LLC

New York, New York money laundering charged criminal defense lawyer represented Sefira Capital LLC (“Sefira”) and 31 subsidiary corporations, which own high-end commercial and residential real estate throughout the United States. The Government’s complaint, which was filed on January 8, 2021, alleged that the defendant corporations accepted millions of dollars of narcotics proceeds launder... More...   $0 (01-14-2021 - NY)


Miami, FL - Criminal defense attorney represented The City of Opa-Locka with appealing from a non-final order granting the Plaintiffs’ motion for class certification and denying the City’s motion to strike class

This appeal from a class action certification arises out of the City’s decadelong policy an... More...
   $0 (01-13-2021 - FL)

Michael Mark Martin, Richard Scott Martin, Jeffrey Webb Martin, Individually and on Behalf of Network Operator Services, Inc., a Texas Corporation v. Ron Hutchison, Tony Cason, Tim Martin, and Ronnie Martin

Texarkana, Texas - Shareholder dispute attorney represented Ron Hutchison, Tony Cason, Tim Martin, and Ronnie Martin with appealing the dismissal of their individual and derivative claims against Network Operator Services, Inc..

NOS is a family-owned, Texas corporation. Its bylaws describe it as a close corporation,
and t... More...
   $0 (01-05-2021 - TX)

Kiwinoskey Walker v. The State of Texas


Fort Worth, Texas - Criminal defense atty represented defendant Kiwinoskey Walker with a Assault charge.

While driving his car in Denton, Appellant became angry with his girlfriend,
who was riding in the passenger seat. He punched her, bit multiple places on her
body, and choked her around the throat. She ran to a fire... More...
   $0 (12-17-2020 - TX)

United States of America v. James Matthew Ethrington

Spokane, Washington drug charge criminal defense lawyer represented defendant, James Matthew Ethrington, age 33, a resident of Spokane, Washington, who was charged with possession with intent to distribute 50 grams or more of actual (pure) methamphetamine.

According to information disclosed during court proceedings, in August, 2019, the Spokane Police Department conducted a traffic stop ... More...
   $0 (12-09-2020 - WA)

John D. Messmore v. State of Indiana

Franklin, IN - Criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with larceny of merchanise.

On September 18, 2019, Robert Chastain, an asset protection associate for the
J.C. Penney store at the Greenwood Mall, received a report of suspicious
activity at the fine jewelry department. Chastain went to that part of the s... More...
   $0 (11-25-2020 - IN)

Linda Sweeny Farrell Andrews v. Charles Albert Sweeny

Tulsa, OK - A probate and trust lawyer represented Linda Sweeny Farrell Andrews who sued Charles Albert Sweeny on breach of fiduciary duty and conversion on an alleged breach of trust claim.... More...   $28927 (11-24-2020 - )


Dayton, OH - Criminal defense lawyer represented defendant Daniel L. Wells with appeals from the Dayton Municipal Courts dismissal of his complaint for lack of monetary and subject-matter jurisdiction.

{ 2} This case arose from a dispute between Wells and defendant Anthony D.
Murrell who, together with others, sh... More...
   $0 (11-20-2020 - OH)

United States of America v. Michael LeRose

Charleston, West Virginia felony gun possession criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

Michael LeRose, 32, of Nitro, West Virginia was charged with being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm.

LeRose pled guilty and admitted that on June 9, 2020, law enforcement officers executed a search warrant... More...
   $0 (11-14-2020 - WV)

United States of America v. Purdue Pharma, L.P.

New York, NY - The United States of America charged Purdue Pharma, L.P. on civil and criminal theories relating to the manufacture and sale of opoids by the Sackler family.

The abuse and diversion of prescription opioids has contributed to a national tragedy of addiction and deaths, in addition to those caused by illicit street opioids, said Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen. ... More...
   $0 (10-21-2020 - NY)

United States of America v. Fred Elm, a/k/a "Frederic Elmaleh"

New York City, New York criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with securities fraud.

Fred Elm, a/k/a Frederic Elmaleh, the founder and manager of Elm Tree Investment Advisors LLC (ETIA), was charged with participating in a scheme to defraud investors in multiple investment funds created and controlled by ELM and Ahmad Naqvi, ETIAs chief operating officer. Among other... More...
   $0 (09-29-2020 - NY)

Behnam Heshejuin v. Rami Rostami

Los Angeles, CA - Trusts and Estates Lawyer

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Behnam Heshejin, Eric Anvari, the Hestfam Family Trust,
and trustee David A. Enzmann (plaintiffs) appea... More...
   $0 (09-25-2020 - CA)

Mohamed Aljabban v. Fontana Indoor Swap Meet, Inc.

San Bernardino, CA - Landlord and Tenant

A. The Swap Meet
FISM operates an indoor swap meet in the city of Fontana (the Swap
Meet), consisting of a collection of approximately 75 businesses operating
under one roof in individually assigned space... More...
   $0 (09-12-2020 - CA)

James Morris v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.

Tulsa, OK - A plaintiff's contract lawyer represented James Morris who sued JP Morgan Chase Bank, Alscot, Inc., and John Clayton Johnson on a conversion theory, alleging that his car had been wrongfully repossessed on account of all of the named defendants, and his car was damaged as a result.... More...   $0 (09-09-2020 - OK)

Bradley L. Stout, Jr. v. State of Indiana

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   $0 (08-28-2020 - IN)

Tyrone Burns v. State of Indiana

[1] ... More...
   $0 (08-27-2020 - IN)

Joanna Marie Allis-Rucker v. State of Indiana

[2] On May 3, 2019, Allis-Rucker possessed, with the intent to deliver,
met... More...
   $0 (08-25-2020 - IN)


{ 4} This is the second time this case has been before us. The first appeal
involved a summary judgment granted on whether an attorney-client relationship existed
between the Tye brothers and Beausay. See Tye v. Beausay, 2017-... More...
   $0 (08-08-2020 - OH)

Granny Purps, Inc. v. County of Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz County law enforcement officers seized more than 2,000 marijuana
plants from a medical marijuana dispensary for violating a local ordinance restricting
cannabis cultivation. When the dispensary sued to recover the marijuana, the county
asserted it had no obligation to return the plants since the dispensary violated the
ordinance. The trial court agreed and sustained the ... More...
   $0 (08-06-2020 - CA)


2 Toby Carl McAdam (McAdam) appeals from his conviction after a bench trial in
Livingston City Court, Honorable Holly Happe, presiding, of misdemeano... More...
   $0 (07-31-2020 - MT)


{ 3} On December 6, 2017, FedEx filed a complaint against Brandes,
setting forth causes of action for breach of contract ... More...
   $0 (07-17-2020 - OH)

Isaiah A. Green v. Commonwealth of Virginia


The appellants convictions arose from a series of events that began May 8, 2018. On
... More...
   $0 (06-19-2020 - VA)

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