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Jones, Jerry E. - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Drug Possession, Domestic Assault and Battery in the Presence of a Minor Child, After Former Conviction of a Felony; Failure to Comply with the Violent Crime Offender Registration Act; Domestic Abuse by Strangulation
Ganem, Thomas F. - Tulsa, OK
The Ganem Law Firm
Personal Injury; Products Liability; Medical Malpractice; Civil Litigation
Corley, E. Terrill - Tulsa, OK
Corley Law Firm
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice
Levine, Kenneth - Boston, MA
Kenneth M. Levine & Associates
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Birth Injuries
Riggs, Lisa R. - Tulsa, OK
Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison & Lewis
Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, Catastrophic Injury, Wrongful Death
Parr, Douglas L. - Oklahoma City, OK
Law Office of Douglas L. Parr
Criminal Defense; Post-Conviction Remedies; Police Misconduct; Civil Rights; Drug Trafficking; Assault and Battery; Sexual Assault; Homicide; Felonies; Misdemeanors; White Collar Crime; Forensic DNA; Driving While Intoxicated; Civil Rights Violations
Jensen, John A. - Oklahoma City, OK
John A. Jensen, Attorney At Law
Criminal Defense, Family Law, Plaintiff Personal Injury, DUI, DWI, Traffic Tickets; Drug Trafficking
Zucker, Jonathan Seth - Washington, DC
Law Offices of Jonathan Zucker
Criminal Defense, Assaulting, Resisting, or Impeding Certain Officers Using a Dangerous Weapon, Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds with a Deadly or Dangerous Weapon
Monroe, James E. - Goshen, NY
Dupee & Monroe, P.C.
Plaintiff personal injury, civil rights, excessive use of force, police abuse
Dupee, Jon C. - Goshen, NY
Dupee & Monroe, P.C.
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Criminal Defense
Murdock, Dan - Oklahoma City, OK

Family Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Truck Wrecks; Drug Possession
Anderson, Clyde Raymond - Oklahoma City, OK

Divorce, Family Law, Consumer Credit; Collections, Criminal Defense, Aggravated Eluding of a Police Officer
Box, Christopher Howard - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, DUI, Displaying False Identification Document During a Traffic Stop
Anderson, Richard William - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense(85%); Personal Injury Law(15%); Aggravated Assault and Battery; Drug Trafficking; Concealing Stolen Property
Arnett, Michael - Oklahoma City, OK
Arnett Law Firm
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Failure to Comply with the Violent Crime Offenders Registration Act
Moore, Jr., R. (Bob) P. - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Drug Trafficking, Possession with Intent to Distribute, Maintaining a Drug Dwelling
Miskel, Joi E. - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Robbery with a Firearm, First-Degree Rape
Fu, Benjamin J. - Tulsa, OK

Criminal Defense, Felony Possession of a Firearm After Former Conviction of a Felony; Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute; Possession of Stolen Property; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Assault and Battery, Resisting, Obstructing and Officer
Reynolds, Jacob Tyler - McAlester, OK
Wagner & Lynch, P.L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Drug Conspiracy with Forfeiture Allegation
Pratt, James R. - Wichita, KS
Pratt Law, L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Sex Trafficking of a Minor; Transportation for Prostitution; Drug Conspiracy with Forfeiture Allegation
Lynch, Blake E. - McAlester, OK
Wagner & Lynch
Criminal Defense, Drug Conspiracy with Forfeiture Allegation
Moody, Robert J. - Wichita, KS
Martin, Pringle, Oliver, Wallace & Bauer, L.L.P.
Criminal Defense; Circumvention of Protected Copyrighted Work
Whiting, James T. - Lander, WY
Whiting Law, P.C.
Criminal Defense, Family Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Workers Compensation; Distribution of Child Pornography, Assaulting a Federal Officer
Greek, Jane - Las Cruces, NM
Law Cruces Law Office
Criminal Defense, assault resulting in serious bodily injury in Indian Country
Bautista, Rudy - Salt Lake City, UT
Bautista, Botth & Parkinson, P.L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Conspiracy, Wire Fraud. Drug Possession, False Statements
Nix, Jesse M. - Salt Lake City, UT
Conyer & Nix
Criminal Defense Tampering With a Consumer Product, Drug Possession, Making False Statements
Neufeld, Jason Eric - Aventura, FL
Elder Needs Law, PLLC - Medicaid Planning Lawyers & Elder Law Attorneys
Elder Law Attorney, Estate Planning Attorney, Lawyer, Law Firm, Legal Services, Elder Law
Adair, Ginger D. - Edmond, OK

Criminal Defense, Being In Actual Physical Control of a Motor Vehicle, DUI
Lee, Joshua Aubrey Luder - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense; Bail Jumping, Kidnapping, Domestic Assault and Battery
Guhl, Graham Ian - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense; Domestic Assault and Battery; BEING IN ACTUAL PHYSICAL CONTROL OF A MOTOR VEHICLE, DUI
Slane, David Ray - Oklahoma Ctiy, OK

Criminal Defense, Injury to a Minor Child, Domestic Assault and Battery with Strangulation, Aggravated Drug Trafficking; First Degree Burglary; Robbery with a Firearm
Griffin, Joseph Albert - Del City, OK

Criminal Defense, Unlawful Cultivation of Marijuana; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Identity Theft, Possession of a Counterfeit Driver's License; Child Abuse
Smith, John Michael - Oklahoma City, OK

Todd, James W. - Oklahoma City, OK
James W. Todd, PLLC
Criminal Defense Law; Drug Crimes; DUI/DWI; Criminal Defense; Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle; Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Meth
Smith, Joshua Colby - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute, Possession of Procees Derived from a Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act; Making a Falrse Declaration of Ownership to a Pawnbroker; Unauthorized Use of Vehicle
Wheeler, William Wesley - Guthrie, OK
Mueller, Wheeler & Associates, P.L.C.
Real Property, Criminal Defense, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Family Law, Divorce; DUI; Drug Possession; Drug Possession
McKinney, Timothy S. - Guthrie, OK
McKinney Law Office
Business Law, Personal Law, General Practice, Family Law, Criminal Defense; Drug Possession; Drug Trafficking; Possession of Firearm After Former Conviction of a Felony
Coyle, IV, John (Billy) W. - Oklahoma City, OK
Coyle Law Firm
Criminal Defense, Drug Possession, Felon In Possession of a Firearm; Drug Trafficking; Drug Possession, Uttering a Forged Instrument; Harboring a Fugitiv
Adams, Matthew R. - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Domestic Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
Beebe, Timothy R. - Enid, OK

Criminal Defense, Drug Distribution, Embezzlement, Grand Larceny; Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Grand Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property; Uttering a Forged Instrument; Child Neglect; Failure to Register as a Sex offender.
Goza, Kenny R. - Lawton, OK
GWC Lawyers
Criminal Defense, Family Law, Visa Fraud, False Statements Involving International Terrorism; Eluding
Gungoll, Timothy J. - Enid, OK
Gungoll, Jackson, Collins, Box & Devoll, P.C.
Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Second-Degree Burglary, Maintaining a Dwelling Where Drugs Are Kept, Larceny of an Auto Mobile, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle; Burglary, Falsely Personate Another to Create Liability
Wyant, Edward (Eddie) James - Enid, OK

Civil Litigation, Family Law, Indian Child Welfare Act Law; Criminal Defense; Feloniously Pointing a Firearm
Casey, Andrew Michael-Don - Oklahoma City, OK
Foshee & Yaffe
Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Rape, Civil Rights, Prisoner Civil Rights, 1983 Claims; First-Degree Murder
Matousek Ames, Katrina Margaret - Enid, OK

Criminal Defense, Fugitive From Justice; Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle; threatening an Act of Violence; Third-Degree Arson, Falsely Personate Another to Creat Liablity
Crites, Jeffrey Howard - Enid, OK

Criminal Defense, Family Law; Possession of Contraband; Assault and Battery on Police Officer; Grand Larceny
Chalik, Debi - Plantation, FL
Chalik & Chalik Injury Attorneys
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury
Armendariz, Blayne Jordan - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Aggravated Assault and Battery
Doerfel, Ken - Lawton, OK

Criminal Defense, Possession of Debit Care Belonging to Another; Drug Possession, DUI; Child Abuse
Williams, Teresa H. - Lawton, OK

Criminal Defense, Drug Possession
Williams, Teresa Elizabeth - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Williams & Trese
Criminal Defense
Valdez, Eddie D. - Lawton, OK

Criminal Defense; Drug Possession; Drug Trafficking; Premeditated Murder in Indian County, Assault and Battery; Drug Distribution; Feloniously Pointing Firearm
Mata, Art G. - Lawton, OK

Criminal Defense, Drug Possession, DUI, Possession of Contraband by an Inmate
Corrales, Lawrence Matthew - Lawton, OK

Criminal Defense, Failure To Register As a Sex Offender; Contraband, Weapons, Explosives or drugs in a penal institution; Conspiracy; Unlawful possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Hillis, Clay Rankin - Lawton, OK
Hillis Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
Personal Injury; Bankruptcy; Family Law; Criminal Defense; Child Neglect; Possession of Drugs;
Saadian, Babak Bobby - Los Angeles, CA
Wilshire Law Firm
Motor Vehicle Accidents, Personal Injury Accidents, Aviation, Employment Law, Class Action Lawsuites and all types of injury law.
Katzman, Alex L. - San Antonio, TX
Katzman & Katzman
Civil Litigation,Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Rights, Employment Discrimination, Wrongful Termination
Keith, Robert Scott - Norman, OK

Criminal Defense, Second Degree Burglary, Concealing Stolen Property, Grand Larceny, Malicious Injury
Box, Tyler Corbett - Oklahoma City, OK
Overman Legal
Criminal Defense, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substance With Intent to Distribute, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
Jenkins, Elton - Norman, OK
Law Offices of Elton Jenkins
Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury, Felony Firearm Possession, Pattern of Criminal Offenses, Conspiracy, Larceny of Merchandise
Boling, Tammy S. - El Reno, OK

Criminal Defense, Family Law; Drug Distribution, Drug Possession, Embezzlement
Duncan, Samantha LeAnne - Oklahoma City, OK
Duncan & Hill
Criminal Defense, Child Abuse, Distribution of Controlled Drugs
Simpson, Erika Nikole - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Larcey of Merchandise, False Declaration of Ownership to a Pawnbroker, Throwing or Dropping an Object on an Automobile
Coleman, Anthony (Tony) Quinn - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Domestic Assault and Battery
Smith, Douglas J. - Norman, OK
Douglas J. Smith Law Office, P.C.
Criminal Defense; (Felony or Misdemeanor) DWI, DUI, Drug Crimes; Drug Distribution, Drug Manufacturing, Drug Possession, Drug Prescription Fraud, Domestic Violence, Arson, Burglary, Theft, Sex Crimes, Violent Crimes; Expungements (Sealing of Records);
Amend, Michael J. - Norman, OK

Criminal Defense, Larceny, Lewd or Indecent Proposal to a Child Under 16; Felony Firearm Possession; Attempt to Elude an Officer; Drug Trafficking
Palumbo, Marco John - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, drug trafficking, Endangering Others While Eluding a Police Oficer
Swinson, Sidney Karl - Tulsa, OK
Gable & Gatwals
Business Restructuring, Workouts & Bankruptcy Litigation (State & Federal)
Bridge, Christopher Kent - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Possession of Contraband in a Penal Institution, Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute; Identity Theft
Levisay, Shelley L. - Shawnee, OK

Criminal Defense, Family Law, General Civil Practice
Kuykendall, Timothy Dale - Norman, OK

Criminal Defense, Possession of Child Porn, Use of a Com0puter to Violate Oklahoma Law, Drug Possession, Possession of Paraphernalia, Diving Under Suspension; Drug Possession; Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; Transporting an Open Container; DUI Alcohol
Josephs, Kristin Michelle - Norman, OK
Kuykendall Law, P.L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Domestic Assault and Battery by Strangulation; Physical control of a vehicle under the influence; DUI Alcohol
High, Curtis R. - Raleigh, NC

Criminal Defense, Felony Possession of a Firearm
Coulter, Mary Catherine - Tulsa, OK
Sobel & Erwin, P.L.L.C.
Immigration Law
Hunt, Christopher M. - Tulsa, OK
Chris M. Hunt, PLLC
Business Law, Personal Law, Immigration, Workers Compensation, Social Security Disability
Erwin, James Edward (Eddie) - Tulsa, OK
Sobel & Erwin, P.L.L.C.
Immigration Law
Maloney, Andrew Joseph - Tulsa, OK
The Pilkington Law Firm
Immigration Law
Silvey, Greg S. - Boise, ID

Criminal Defense, Income Tax Evasion
Nathan, Geoffrey G - Boston, MA
Nathan Law Offices
Criminal Defense, Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud, Aggravated Identity Theft, Tax Evision
Bergman, Keith C. - Tulsa, OK
Law Office of Keith C. Bergman
Auto Accidents Injuries, Wrongful Death, Workers Compensation, Semi-Trucks, Rear-End Collisions, Head Injuries, Serious Injuries, Criminal Defense
Scanlan, Emma - Seattle, WA
Scanlan Law, P.L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Second Degree Murder
Gause, Emily M. - Seattle, WA
Gauze Law Offices, P.L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Conspiracy to Commit Wire, Bank Fraud, Computer Hacking, Second Degree Murder
Silver, Jason M. - Scottsdale, AZ
Silver Law, P.L.C.
Tax Law, Taxation, Making and Subscribing a False Tax Return; Criminal Defense
Marney, Carin A. - Seattle, WA
Lane Powell, P.C.
Criminal Defense, Tax Evision
Schlein, Robert C. - San Diego, CA
Robert C. Schlein and Associates
Criminal Defense, Tax Evasion
West, Hartley M.K. - San Francisco, CA
Kobre & Kim
Conspiracy, Bribery
Prospere, Reed W. - Dallas, TX
Prospere Russell & Dean
Criminal Defense, Wire Fraud, Bank Fraud, Attempting to coerce or entice a minor
Funk, T. Markus - Denver, CO
Rob Perkins, L.L.C.
White Collar Criminal Defense, Obstruction of Justice
Leland, Clay R. - Hamilton, MT
Ravalli County Attorney's Office
Civil Litigation
Bender, Michael Lee - Denver, CO
Rob Perkins, L.L.C.
White Collar Criminal Defense, Obstruction of Justice
Vincent, Steven W. - Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Criminal Law Violation Defense, Criminal Defense; Feloniously Pointing a Firearm; Threatening An Act of Violence; Transporting a Loaded Firearm in a Motor Vehicle; Driving Under Suspension
Golden, Brenda S. - Okmulgee, OK

Family Law, Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Criminal Defense
Wright, Marcus - Tulsa, OK

Family Law, Criminal Defense, Divorce, Civil Litigation, Assault and Battery with Strangulation; Felony Firearms Possession, DUI Alcohol
Riddle, Jason L. - Tulsa, OK

Criminal Defense, First Degree Murder, Concealing Stolen Property, Drug Trafficking; DUI; Forgery
Rode, Robert L. - Tulsa, OK
Rode Law Firm
Plaintiff Motor Vehicle Accidents. Truck Wrecks, Motorcycle Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Pedestrian Accidents, Nursing Home Neglect, Medical Malpractice, Injuries from Products, Slip and Fall Accidents, Wrongful Death, Back & Neck Injuries, Disc &
Janak, Timothy C. - Tulsa, OK
The Timothy Group, PLC
Real Estate Litigation, Title Work, Commercial Mortgage & Consulting Services, Residential & Commercial Investment Property Location
Gill, Randall A. - Tulsa, OK
Law Offices of Randall A. Gill
Personal Injury; Estate Planning; Corporations Law; Real Property; Oil and Gas Law; Administrative Law; Business & Corporate; Civil Rights; Contracts; Elder Law; Estate Planning and Probate; General Practice; Guardianship; Insurance; Oil; Gas; & Mineral;
Ford, Heather C. - New Orleans, LA
Law Office of Heather C. Ford
Traffic Tickets, Suspended License, Bench Warrants, Misdemeanors, Criminal Defense
Brinkley, Michael - Fort Worth, TX

Bankruptcy, Business, Consumer, Creditor-Debtor, Criminal, Intellectual Property, Litigation: Commercial, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Wills-Trusts-Probate, Elder Law, Mortgage Litigation & Foreclosure Defense, Real Estate, Oil & Gas
Farrior, III, James Lovett - Biloxi, MS
Attorney at Law
Personal Injury; Civil Litigation; Family Law; Criminal Defense
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