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Robinson Vincent, Kara (Greuel) Marisa - Tulsa, OK
Barber& Bartz
Mergers and Acquisitions,Transition and Succession Planning, Commercial Transactions,State and Federal Taxation, General Civil Litigation,Appellate Practice, Estate Planning, Probate, Guardianship , Trust and Estate Litigation
Pence, Elizabeth Kathleen - Jenks, OK

General Practice, Wills, Trusts, Estates, Business Litigation, Real Estate Disputes,
Greer, James Justin - Claremore, OK
Greer & Tarvin, P.L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Divorce, Probate, Wills, Estates, Trusts
Mitzner, Miles L. - Edmond, OK
Law Offices of Miles L. Mitzner
Social Security Disability, SSID
Denney, Richard L. - Norman, OK
Denney & Barrett, P.C.
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Products Liability, Civil Litigation, Car Wrecks, Auto Negligence
Barrett, Lydia Joann - Norman, OK
Denney & Barrett, P.C.
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury
Maples, L. Ray - Edmond, OK
Maples Nix Diesselhorst, P.l.L.C.
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Auto Negligence; Medical Malpractice
Robinson, Jason E. - Norman, OK
Denney & Barrett, P.C.
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Products Liability
Foshee, Christopher W. - Oklahoma City, OK
Foshee & Yaffe
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Auto Negligence, Car Wrecks
Daniel, Danielle Patricia - Oklahoma City, OK
Colbert Cooper Hill
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Car Wreck Cases
Smith, Travis Charles - Oklahoma City, OK
TCS Law Firm
General civil litigation, personal injury, employment discrimination, nursing home negligence, Nursing Home Claims, Nursing Home Neglect, Negligence
Campbell, Andy Jeff - Edmond, OK
Maples, Nix & Diesselhorst, P.L.L.C.
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Auto Negligence, Truck Wrecks
Tawwater, Larry A. - Oklahoma City, OK
The Tawwater Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
General Negligence Law; Trials and Appeals; Products Liability Law; Insurance Bad Faith, Medical Negligence Law, Aviation Law.
Garrett, Bryan Galloway - Oklahoma City, OK
Bryan Garrett, P.L.L.C.
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Breach of Contract, Insurance Law
Anderson, Richard William - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense(85%); Personal Injury Law(15%); Aggravated Assault and Battery
Autry, David B. - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, Felonies, Misdemeanors, State, Federal, Felon In Possession of a Firearm
McMurray, Shannon M. - Tulsa, OK
McMurray Keesling
Family Law, Divorce, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Possession of a Firearm After Former Conviction of a Felony, Cultivation of Marijuana, Drug Possession, Possession of Paraphernalia; Embezzlement
Norton, Michael J. - Denver, CO

Civil Litigation, Official Corruption
Sam, Daryl P. - Salt Lake City, UT
Darly P. Sam, P.L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Drug Cases, Continuing Criminal Enterprise Cases, Narcotics Cases
Pratt, Justin - Salt Lake City, UT
Intermountain Legal
Criminal Defense Law, DUI & DWI
Skordas, Gregory G. - Salt Lake City, UT
Skordas & Caston, L.L.C.
Criminal Defense Law; Attorney Discipline; Juvenile Law, Drug Trafficking
Nannis, Veronica B. - Greenbelt, MD
Joseph Greenwald and Laake, P.A.
Civil Litigation, Qui Tam Claims, False Claims Act Claims
Holland, Jay Paul - Greenbelt, MD
Joseph Greenwald and Laake, P.A.
Employment Law for Employees, Employee-Compensation Claims, Qui Tam, False Claims Act Claims
Anderson, Robert B. - Pierre, SD
May, Adam, Gerdes & Thompson, L.L.P.
General Civil Practice; Insurance Defense Law; Employment Law; Civil Litigation, Qui Tam, False Claims Act Claims
Atteberry, Beverly Ann - Tulsa, OK
Law Offices of Bevery Ann Atteberry
Criminal Defense, Misdemeanors, Juvenile Law, Labor Law, Employment Law, Estate Planning, Wills, Probate, Trusts, Military and Veterans Law, Stolen Vehicle, Attempted Escape from Jail, Stolen Property, Paraphernalia, Carrying Concealed Weapon, Embezzlemen
Kramer, Dan R. - Tulsa, OK

Deceased. October, 2020
Monroe, Stanley D. - Tulsa, OK
Monroe & Associates
Defense of Federal and State Criminal Defense Cases; Plaintiff's Personal Injury Law; and General Civil Litigation; Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography; DUI
Lee, Stephen W. - Tulsa, OK
Law Office of Stephen W. Lee
Criminal Defense, Indian Law, Civil Litigation, Family Law, Divorce, Personal Injury, Shooting With Intent to Kill, Resisting an Officer
Fox, Charles M. - Tulsa, OK
Oklahoma Litigation Group
Criminal Defense, Family Law, Divorce, Civil Litigation, Uttering a Forged Instrument, Drug Possession, Felon In Possession of a Firearm, Domestic Assault and Battery with Strangularion
Tiernan, Tracy Lynn - Tulsa, OK

Criminal Defense, Family Law, Defrauding an Innkeeper; Felony Possession of a Firearm; Public Intoxication; Obstructing an Officer, Resisting Arrest
Roos, J. James - Bel Air, MD
Law Office of J. James Roos, III, P.A.
Workers Compensation
Nelson, Allan G. - Bel Air, MD

Criminal Defense, DUI, Bankruptcy
Batzer, David - Bel Air, MD
Law Office of David Batzer
Criminal Defense
Hyman, Adam S. - Bel Air, MD

Criminal Defense
Jones, Karen L. - Bel Air, MD

Criminal Defense, DUI
Arnold, Donald J. - Bel Air, MD

Divorce, Family Law, Labor Law, Employment
Tibbedeaux, Scott Adrain - Stockton, CA
Law Offices of Scott Tibbedeaux & Associates
Criminal Defense, child sexual assault
Daue, E. Craig - Missoula, MT
Buxbaum Daue & Fitzpatrick
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Car Wrecks, Auto Negligence
Pyfer, Richard J. - Helena, MT
Doubek & Pyfer, LLC
Civil Litigation; Workers Compensation Law; Personal Injury; Professional Malpractice; Products Liability; Insurance Law
Isaacson, Lars R. - Honolulu, HI

Criminal Defense, Wire Fraud, Swindles
Ward, Erick W. - Bend, OR
Ward Grover, L.L.P.
Criminal Defense; Conspiracy to Manufacture and Distribute Marijuana; Forfeiture Allegation
Aquilina, John N. - Santa Margarita, CA
Law Offices of John N. Aquilina
Criminal Defense Law; Felonies; Misdemeanors; Juvenile Law; Drugs and Narcotics; Sex Crimes; Homicide; Assault and Battery; White Collar Crime; Theft; Gang Related Law; Parole and Probation
Lipman, Michael L. - San Diego, CA
Durane Morris, L.L.P.
White Collar Criminal Defense
Murray, Barbara Howe - San Diego, CA
Duane Morris, L.L.P.
White Collar Criminal Defense
Sullivan, Jr., William M. - Washington, DC
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman, L.L.P.
White Collar Criminal Defense, Conspiracy to Violate the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Wire Fraud
Caldwell, Leslie R. - San Francisco, CA
Latham & Wakins, L.L.P.
White Collar Criminal Defense
Kamin, Scott T. - Chicago, IL
Law Office of Scott T. Kamin
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Civil Rights Violations, Excessive Force Cases, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Murder
Nawaday, Jaimie Lesser - New York, NY
Kelley Drye
Criminal Defense
Zeidenberg, Peter R. - Washington, DC
Arent Fox, L.L.P.
Criminal Defense; Litigation and Arbitration; White Collar, Corporate Crime and Investigations; Litigation; Securities Enforcement; Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Anti-Corruption and Corporate Compliance Practice; Criminal Antitrust
Kuhlman, Christopher Joseph - Bend, OR
Kuhlman Law, L.L.C.
Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Home Abuse
Pence, Elizabeth Kathleen - Tulsa, OK
Pence Law Firm, P.C.
Estate Planning, Probate, Trust, Civil Litigation
Parris, John E. - Sand Springs, OK

Criminal Defense, Drug Possession, Uttering Forced Instruments, Larceny of an Automobile
Palaqui, Ronald J. - Omaha, NE
Ronald J. Palagi Law Office
Business Torts; Insurance Law; Medical Malpractice/Negligence; Motor Vehicle Collision; Personal Injury; Pharmaceutical Litigation; Premises Liability; Products Liability; Professional Negligence; Civil Litigation
Younes, Francis E. - Omaha, NE
High, Younes Law Firm
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Slip and Fall Cases
Smeall, Aaron F. - Omaha, NE
Law Offices of Aaron F. Smeall
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Employment Discrimination Claims, Criminal Defense
Maaske, Blake H.D. - Lincoln, NE
Dowding, Dowding Law Firm
Civil Litigation, Plaintiff Personal Injury, Auto Negligence, Car Wrecks, Truck Wrecks
Spray, John L. - Lincoln, NE
Mattson, Ricketts Law Firm
Civil Litigation, Insurance Law, Breach of Contract
Dohrer, Christopher D. - Aberdeen, SD
Law Office of Christopher D. Dohrer, Prof. LLC
Criminal Defense, Assault and Battery
Bruder, Glenn P. - Edina, MN
Mitchell Bruder & Johnson
Criminal Defense, Possession of child Porn
Riggs, J. Keith - Des Moines, IA

Criminal Defense, Embezzlement
Cantin, Shane - Springfield, MO
Carver, Cantin & Mynarich, L.L.C.
White Collar Crimes, Sex Crimes, Criminal Fraud, Federal Criminal Law, Financial Crimes, Criminal Appeals, Federal Appeals, Death Penalty, Felony Firearm Possession; Criminal Defense
Appelquist, John F. - Springfield, MO

Criminal Defense, Felony Firearm Possession
Schwartz, Joel J. - Clayton, MO
Rosenblum Schwartz, P.C.
Criminal Defense; Production of Child Pornography; Possession of Child Pornogarphy; Use of Interstate Facilities to Persuade/Induce/Entice/Coerce a Minor to Engage in Sexual Activity; Use of Interstate Facilities To Transmit Information about a Minor with
Bates, Randall J. - Yarmouth, ME
Bates Law Firm
Criminal Defense; Conspiracy to Commit Hate Crimes
DerOhannesian, II, Paul - Albany, NY
Derohannesian & Derohannesian
Criminal Defense; Criminal Law; White Collar Crime; Election Law; Personal Injury; Medical Malpractice; Products Liability; Estates and Estate Litigation
Agnifilo, Marc - New York, NY
Brafman & Associates
White Collar Criminal Defense, Securities Fraud, Conspiracy to Make Unauthorized Disclosures of Suspicious Activity Reports
Moskowitz, Avraham Chaim - New York, NY
Moskowitz & Book, L.L.P.
Criminal Defense; Sex Trafficking; Racketeering; Force Labor; Wire Fraud; Trafficking of Children, Conspiracy
James, Clinton Reed - Tulsa, OK
Wyatt Law Office
Criminal Defense, Concealment of Government Property, Embezzle, Receive, Conceal, and Retain Government Property Forfeiture, Drug Distribution, Felony Gun Possession
O'Neill, Peter Sean - Glen Burnie, MD
Murane & O'Neill
Criminal Defense, Murder, Felony Firearm Possession
Sturm, Wendy Lee - St. Cloud, MN
Office of the 7th District Public Defender
Criminal Defense of the Poor
Pilkington, Jr., Gilbert Joseph - Tulsa, OK
Pilkington Law Firm, P.L.L.C.
Family Law, Divorce, Intellectual Property, Child Support, Child Custody, Adoptions, Guardianships, Paternity Annulment, Indian Child Welfare Act, Guardian Ad Litems, Juvenile
Ghidina, Michael S. - St. Louis, MO

Criminal Defense, Fraud, Identity Theft
Baille Jennings, Kendall P. - Tulsa, OK
Baille Law Firm
Criminal Defense, Possession of a stolen vehicle, Obstructing and Officer; DUI; Child Neglect, Uttering A Forged Instrument
Pool, Jr., Tilman E. (Tim) - Tulsa, OK
Law Office of Tilman E. Pool, Jr.
Plaintiff Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense; Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon
Freeman, Ciera Nicole - Tulsa, OK
Boeheim Freeman
Oklahoma Criminal Defense, Drug Possession, Felon In Possession of a Firearm; Durg Possession; Drug Trafficking; Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon
Cooper, Theodore (Teddy) Nicholas - Tulsa, OK

Criminal Defense, Assault and Battery
Riley, Stephen B. - Tulsa, OK
Riggs, Abney, Neal, Turpen, Orbison & Lewis,A Professional Corporation
Civil Litigation; Bankruptcy Law, Criminal Defense; Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle
Holder, Barrett K. - Tulsa, OK
Law Offices of Barrett K. Holder
Criminal Defense Law (Felonies and Misdemeanors), Traffic Tickets; DUI; Carrying a Firearm White Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol; Drug Possession
McCann, Scott E. - El Reno, OK

Family Law, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Drug Possession, Maintaining a Place for Keeping and selling drugs, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia; operating or conducting a chop shop
Kelley, Edward Lawrence - Oklahoma City, OK

Family Law, Personal Injury; Criminal Defense; Soliciting Sexual Conduct or Communication with a Minor, Contributing to Delinquency of a child
Barker, Benjamin J. - Enid, OK
Mitchll DeClerck
Civil Litigation, Criminal Defense, Drug Possession, Domestic Assault and Battery, Child Abuse, Possession of a Firearm After Former Conviction of a Felony, Public Intoxication; Rape; Drug Trafficking
Palumbo, Marco John - Oklahoma City, OK

Criminal Defense, drug trafficking
Wagner, Randy Lee - Enid, OK

Criminal Defense, Falsely Personate Another to Create Liability
Gungoll, Timothy J. - Enid, OK
Gungoll, Jackson, Collins, Box & Devoll, P.C.
Civil Litigation, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, Maintaining a Dwelling Where Drugs Are Kept, Larceny of an Auto Mobile, Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle; Burglary, Falsely Personate Another to Create Liability
Beebe, Timothy R. - Enid, OK

Criminal Defense, Drug Distribution, Embezzlement, Grand Larceny; Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle, Grand Larceny, Possession of Stolen Property; Uttering a Forged Instrument; Child Neglect
Cameron, Stephen P. - Enid, OK

Civil Litigation, Civil Rights Violation, 1983 Claims, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense, DUI; Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon
Matousek Ames, Katrina Margaret - Enid, OK

Criminal Defense, Fugitive From Justice; Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle; threatening an Act of Viilence
Claypole, Clint A. - Enid, OK
Field, Trojan, Long & Claypole, P.C.
Civil Litigation, Insurance Law, Criminal Defense, Oil & Gas Law; Threatening an Act of Violence
Stidham Williams, Teressa Hellen - Lawton, OK

Criminal Defense, Possession of a Firearm AFCF, Drug Possession, Felony Pointing of a Weapon, Obstructing a Police Officer; Possession and concealing stolen property
Burks, Jr., Charles C. - Knoxville, TN
Justice, Noel & Burks
Criminal Defense; RICO Conspiracy /With Forfeiture Allegations; Conspiracy to Distribute and Dispense Controlled Substances/With Forfeiture Allegations; Conspiracy to commit money laundering /With Forfeiture Allegations
Bogucki, Raymond S. - Maysville, KY

Criminal Defense, Embezzlement by Bank Officer, Fraud with Identification, Identity Theft
Gatterdam, Kort W. - Columbus, OH
Carpenter Lipps & Leland LLP
Criminal Defense, Money Laundering
Sanft, Michael William - Las Vegas, NV
Sanft Law
Criminal Defense, Sexual Exploitation of a Minor
LoCoco, Joseph A. - D'Iberville (Gulfport), MS
LoCoco & LoCoco, P.A.
Civil Litigation, Insurance Law
Cimino, Cynthia Marie - New Orleans, LA
Browne Law, L.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine; Mail Fraud
Massa, Paul M - New Orleans, LA
A Traffic Ticket? Paul Massa, Attorney at Law
Traffic Tickets, Traffic Accidents, Traffic Offenses, Truck Accidents, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Drunk Driving Accidents, DUI and DWI Charges, Drunk Driving, Criminal Defense, Car Wrecks, Bench Warrants, Expungements, Uninsured Motori
Roby, Jr., Clarence - New Orleans, LA
Law Office of Clarence Roby, Jr., P.L.C.
Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Job Discrimination, Employment Law; Conspiracy to Commit Mail Fraud
Belanger, Andre - Baton Rouge, LA
Manasseh, Gill, Knipe & Belanger, P.L.C.
Criminal Defense, Civil Rights Violation, Drug Cases; Obstruction of Justice; Witness Tampering
Jamail, George Michael - Beaumont, TX
The Reaud Law Firm
Admiralty Law, Maritime Law, White Collar Criminal Defense
Schaffer, Kent A. - Houston, TX
Schaffer Carter & Associates
Criminal Defense, Wire Fraud; Conspiracy to Distribute Drugs; Money Laundering
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