Trespass Law
Barbara Mohon v. Agentra, LLC

Albuquerque, New Mexico consumer law lawyer represented Plaintiff who sued Defendants for violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Federal Courthouse - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Federal Courthouse - Albuquerque, New Mexico

More...   $1 (02-22-2023 - NM)

Commonwealth of North Carolina v. Justin Merritt

Raleigh, North Carolina criminal law lawyer represented Defendant charged with first-degree murder.

Justin Merritt was accused of killing Andy Banks.

§ 14-17. Murder in the first and second degree defined; punishment.

(a) A murder which shall be perpetrated by means of a nuclear, biological, or chemical weapon of mass destruction as defined in G.S. 14-288.21, po... More...
   $0 (12-02-2022 - NC)

Jon Preston Romer, Jr. v. The State of Texas

Fort Worth, Texas – Criminal Defense lawyer represented defendant with appealing from his conviction and five-year sentence for aggravated perjury


The events giving rise to this case started on November 5, 2016, with an
encounter between private security officer Jeremy Flores and recently discharged
patient ... More...
   $0 (11-26-2022 - TX)

CL III Funding Holding Company, LLC v. Steelhead Midstream Partners, LLC; Strategic Energy Income Fund III, LP; Eagleridge Energy II, LLC; and Eagleridge Midstream, LLC

Fort Worth, Texas – Real Estate lawyer represented Appellant with a fractured and contentious” relationship between two pipeline co-owners.


This case centers on the “[h]ighly fractured and contentious” relationship
between two pipeline co-owners—Appellant CL III Funding Holding Company, LLC
and Appel... More...
   $0 (11-26-2022 - TX)

Stedfast Baptist Church v. Fellowship of the Sword, Inc.

Fort Worth, Texas – Civil Litigation lawyer represented Appellant with Seeking declaratory relief construing the default provisions of a commercial lease.


A. The Lease
In July of 2020, Stedfast, through its president and pastor Jonathan Shelley,
executed a 63-month commercial lease with Fellowship, as one of ... More...
   $0 (11-26-2022 - TX)

Michael E. huff and Maria K. Huff v. Hunter's Pointe Property Owners Associations, Inc. and Steve R. Kitchell

Tulsa, Oklahoma personal injury lawyers represented Plaintiffs, who sued Defendant on intentional infliction of emotional distress theories claiming damages in excess of $10,000.00.

Plaintiffs claimed that the elected officers of Hunter's Pointe erected and maintain a street sign erroneously designating portions of the property as being a continuation of the private streets within Hunter'... More...
   $0 (11-21-2022 - OK)

Aubry Clevenger v. The State of Texas

Fort Worth, Texas – Criminal Defense lawyer represented defendant with a first-degree felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver charge.

At 4 a.m. on May 2, 2020, a Weatherford police officer stopped 38-year-old
Appellant Aubry Clevenger after determining that she had a warrant for her ar... More...
   $0 (09-19-2022 - TX)

Edward Muehlner and June Muehlner v. Jean Pierre Convert and Yolande Convert

Houston, Texas – Real Estate lawyer represented defendant with a residential property boundary line dispute.

The Converts purchased their house from its builder in July 1997 and have
continuously resided on the property since. When purchased, there was a wooden
fence between the Converts’ house and the neighboring ... More...
   $0 (09-15-2022 - TX)


Houston, Texas – Employment lawyer represented Appellant with contending the trial court erred on its tort and contract claims against appellees.

Jetall’s claims against appellees in the underlying lawsuit derive from an
earlier, separate lawsuit to which appellees were parties but Jetall was not—namely,
a wrongf... More...
   $0 (09-13-2022 - TX)

Adobe Whitewater Club v. State Game Comm'n

Santa Fe, New Mexico environmental law lawyers represent petitioners seek and writ of mandamus.

{1} This mandamus proceeding concerns the scope of the public’s right to use public water flowing over private property. Article XVI, Section 2 of the New Mexico Constitution provides that “[t]he unappropriated water of every natural stream, perennial or torrential, within th... More...
   $0 (09-09-2022 - NM)

Coy's Honney Farm, Inc. v. Bayer Corp.

Cape Girardeau, Missouri personal injury lawyers represented Plaintiff, who sued defendant on a product liability theory.

Plaintiff Coy's Honey Farms, Inc., is a bee-keeping and honey-producing operation based near Jonesboro, Arkansas. Plaintiff alleges that dicamba-based herbicide products, including those produced by defendants Monsanto and BASF[1], moved off target dicamba-toleran... More...
   $0 (09-08-2022 - MO)


Columbus, OH - Criminal Defense lawyer represented defendant with a direct appeal in a capital case.

A. The Johns’ bodies are discovered
{¶ 3} The John family had known Brinkman for some time. According to
Gene’s son, Jason, the family met Brinkman a decade earlier when Brink... More...
   $0 (07-31-2022 - OH)


Nashville, TN - Real Estate lawyer represented appellants with a real property in dispute issue.

The real property in dispute in this case, which the trial court described as
“commercial property near downtown Nashville,” was previously owned by Raymond
Whiteaker. Moreover, a... More...
   $0 (07-28-2022 - TN)

JOHN A. THOMPSON, etc., et al., vs STEPHEN A. THOMPSON, etc.

Miami, Florida - Trust Litigation lawyer represented Appellants/Petitioners with asserting that they had an ownership interest in the property.

Paul A. Thompson, as trustee of the Paul A. Thompson and Virginia A.
Thompson Revocable Trust, filed an unlawful detainer action in county cou... More...
   $0 (07-11-2022 - FL)

United States of America v. Darrell Chambliss

Milwaukee, Wisconsin criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with arson.

Darrell Chambliss, age 31, purposefully started a fire in the upper-unit of a duplex in Milwaukee on February 6, 2021. Chambliss had lived in that residence with a former romantic partner, whom he abused. When that victim did not return to the residence on February 6, 2021, Chambliss threatened her and... More...
   $0 (06-29-2022 - WI)

Tina Franco and Roddy A. Vanacor v. Linda A. Ferrill and Charles A. Ferrill

Jackson, MS - Real Estate lawyer represented APPELLANTS with an appeal from the judgment of adverse possession of waterfront property.

¶2. Between 1994 and 2006, the Ferrills purchased eleven lots alongKiln-Waveland Road
in the Shoreline Park Subdivision in the city of Waveland, Mississippi.1 ... More...   $0 (06-23-2022 - MS)

Steve Snow and Kaci Snow v. Town of Calumet Oklahoma

El Reno, Oklahoma condemnation lawyer represented Plaintiffs, who sued Defendant on trespass and inverse condemnation theories.

¶0 Landowners sued the Town of Calumet for trespass and inverse condemnation due to maintaining two municipal sewer lines across the owners' property after the expiration of two temporary easements. The town counterclaimed to quiet title. Both parties moved... More...
   $0 (06-21-2022 - OK)

Hector Casillas, et al. v. Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Insurance Company, et al.

Los Angeles, California personal injury lawyers represented Plaintiffs, who sued Defendants the tort of trespass to chattels theory.

According to appellants, respondents Berkshire
Hathaway Homestate Insurance Company (Berkshire),
Cypress Insurance Company (Cypress), Zenith Insurance
Company (Zenith), William Reynolds, and Oliver Glover
conspired to “hack” a third-party... More...
   $0 (06-10-2022 - CA)

Earnestine Trevino Decasual-Smith v. The Territory of Missouri, d/b/a Laurwen Mann, et al.

St. Louis, Missouri plaintiff, sued Defendant on a breach of insurance contract theory claiming more than $75,000 in damages.

On November 2, 2021, Plaintiffs filed a Complaint in this Court against Defendants for “trespass, wrongful eviction, slander, libel and the intentional infliction of emotional distress.” Plaintiffs asserted four counts against Defendants: (1) Unlawful Trespass;... More...
   $0 (06-07-2022 - MO)

Trotter, Inc. v. Jacquot

Lincoln, NE - Trust lawyer represented APPELLANTS with a Living Revocable Trust dispute.

The facts giving rise to these cases are generally undisputed. The Jacquots were involved
in farming activities for more than 30 years. Their business had been financed by a bank, which
commenced col... More...   $0 (06-06-2022 - NE)

Jack Kapinus, et al. v. Chazz Huston, et al.

Madison, Wisconsin civil litigation lawyer represented Plaintiffs who sued Defendant on private nuisance, public nuisance, trespass and declaratory judgment theories.

¶1 This case arises from a dispute regarding the rights of owners of residential lots (the "lot owners") created by the plat of Wa-che-etcha as to three non-residential lots (the "lake access lots") created by the plat... More...
   $0 (06-03-2022 - Wi)

Alberto Muniz and Bridget Muniz v. Mike Dugi and Mary Ann Dugi

San Antonio, Texas - Real Estate lawyer represented Appellants with a boundary and water diversion dispute.

This boundary and water diversion dispute concerns two adjoining tracts of land located in
the Pebble Beach Subdivision in Bandera, Texas, on the Medina Lake waterfront. The Dugis’More...   $0 (05-25-2022 - TX)

State of Ohio v. Mohamed Nurein

Marysville, Ohio criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with felony assault and endangering children.

{¶2} Shortly after 8:00 a.m. on the morning of February 13, 2021, the Union County Sheriffs Office received a 911 call reporting gunshots at an apartment complex on Meadows Drive in Marysville. The caller reported that a short, slender Black male dressed in a blue shi... More...
   $0 (05-23-2022 - OH)

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Michael Allen Bailey

Erie, Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and theft by unlawful taking.

A jury found Defendant guilty on February 8, 2018.... More...
   $0 (05-20-2022 - PA)

Sydney Raym f/k/a Sydney Dethloff v. Tupelo Management, LLC

Fort Worth, Texas - Real Estate lawyer represented Appellant with appealing from a summary judgment from a joint venture to flip a house.

In late 2018, Raym and Tupelo entered a joint venture to flip a house. Tupelo
would provide the funds to acquire and renovate the property, and Raym promis... More...   $0 (05-17-2022 - TX)

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