Sacramento, California -  Expert Witnesses
Swiggum, Ruth M. - Sacramento, CA
Life Care Planning. Medical Record Review and Comprehensive Chronologies. Legal Nurse Consultant.

Sheridan, Rick - Sacramento, CA
Expert witness- Electronic commerce, online theft & plagiarism, Internet privacy, education-related, workplace issues: unauthorized pornography sites, e-mail, etc. Journalism and media-related issues

Waddell, John - Sacramento, CA

Ueltzen, Michael - Sacramento, CA
Forensic Accounting

Banta, John - Sacramento, CA
Restoration Consultants is an Indoor Air Quality consulting and training firm that specializes in mold contaminated building investigations. The firm also provides expert witness services for both plaintiff and defense.

Sala, Cecil - Sacramento, CA
Food Facilities: Accident Investigation - Food Poisoning - Serving Safe Food - HACCP - Worker's Compensation - Safety in the Workplace

Sala, Cecil - Sacramento, CA
Food Facilities: Accident Investigation - Food Poisoning - Serving Safe Food - HACCP - Worker's Compensation - Safety in the Workplace

Duffy, William - Sacramento, CA
Orthopedic Surgeon

Endicott, Mark - Sacramento, CA
Orthopedics - defense

Ward, Richard E. - Sacramento, CA
vascular surgery

Niswander, Kenneth - Sacramento, CA
Obstetrics - defense

Mathios, Anthony - Sacramento, CA

Gallia, Louis - Sacramento, CA

Voegeli, Thomas - Sacramento, CA

Sims, George - Sacramento, CA

Roberts, Ed - Sacramento, CA
Medical Imaging - Plaintiff

Holland, Paul V. - Sacramento, CA
Blood Banking - Defense

Chin, James - Sacramento, CA
Epidemiology - Defense

Montesano, Pasqualle X. - Sacramento, CA
Orthopedics - Defense

Niswander, Kenneth - Sacramento, CA
Obstetrics/Gynecology - Plaintiff

Kamras, Marvin - Sacramento, CA
Obstetrics/Gynecology - Defense

Vijayan, Nazhiyath - Sacramento, CA

Hardin, John - Sacramento, CA

Chin, John - Sacramento, CA

Niswander, Kenneth - Sacramento, CA
Obstetrics / gynecology - plaintiff

Anthony, Robert - Sacramento, CA

Baker, Sandra K. - Sacramento, CA
Psychologist - Child abuse specialist.

Davis, M.D., Jordan K. - Santa Fe, NM
All aspects of complex spine and brain care, pain management, IMEs and Spinal Cord Injuries. Board certfied, defense and plaintiff, articulate.

Brummel, Dr. H. Bruce - Matteson, IL
CONSTRUCTION - Quality Control

Waters, Robert J. - Sacramento, CA

Waters, Robert J - Sacramento, CA
Certified Master Automotive Technician Mechanic, Brakes, Transmission, Steering, Engines, Electrical controls, differentials, Anti-lock brakes, Standard of care in automotive repair, Lemon Law, Mechanical failures resulting in accidents, Service records review, vehicle inspection

Renfro, Randy C. - Sacramento, CA
Specialty Focus, Special Skills, Experience: Employment, Financial, Fraud

Grummer - Apuna, Dorajane - Sacramento, CA
Life Care Planning, Cost Projections, Acute Brain Injuries, Amputees, Spinal Cord Injuries.

Mehtani, Janak - Sacramento, CA
Expert witness in civil and criminal cases; Personal injury; Workers' Compensation; Employee Assistance; Medical malpractice cases; Neuropsychiatry; Psychopharmacology.

Dudley, Jeffrey W. - Sacramento, CA
Eleven Board Certified, full-time practicing Otolaryngologists; Otology; Neurotology; Hearing Loss; Tinnitus; Audiology; Head and Neck Cancer; Endoscopic Sinus Surgery; Facial Plastic Surgery; Allergy; Voice Disorders; Sleep Disorders; Swallowing Disorders; Vertigo; Smell and Taste Disorders.

Sidhu, J.D., Carol Jean - Sacramento, CA
Law Firm Management Expertise, particularly, the duties and responsibilities of a legal secretary or paralegal in the law firm setting.

Blaine, Steven - Sacramento, CA
Criminal Justice with an emphasis in police procedure, investigations, accident reconstruction, and use of force. Twenty one years as law enforcement officer at the municipal, county, state and tribal level. Nine years as a prosecutor and defense attorney.

Waters, Robert J - Sacramento, CA
All asspects of automotive repair.Dealer and repair shop practices. Standard of care issues. Lemon Law, Failure analysis, Brakes, Complete vehicle inspections, Certified Master Automotive Technician

Achtel, Robert - Sacramento, CA

Kim, Jeanny Park - Sacramento, CA
Pediatric Cardiology

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