San Diego, California - Medical Expert Witnesses
Goldenring, John M - San Diego, CA
Pediatrics, Adolescent & Young Adult Medicien, Child Physical & sexual Abuse, Medical Administration including HMOs, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Pediatric Toxins (esp Lead), Preventive Medicine & Public Health, Cros-cultural & International Health

Chadwick, David - San Diego, CA
Medical Exaluation of Suspected Child Abuse

Marsh, Paul J. - San Diego, CA
Specialty Focus, Special Skills, Experience: Chiropractic, Motor Vehicle Accident, Minor Injury, Soft Tissue, Workers' Compensation, Qualified Medical Evaluator, Agreed Medical Evaluator, Independent Medical Evaluator, Expert Witness

Johnson, Shannon J. - San Diego, CA
Specialty Focus, Special Skills, Experience: Adverse Reactions (ADR), Interactions, Safety, Errors, Forensics, Geriatrics, Insurance, Malpractice, Long-Term Care, Medical Management, Malpractice, Review/Records, Non-Compliance, Overdosage, Pharmaceutical Care, Pharmacology, Quality Assurance, Toxicity, Dosing, Warnings/Labels

Plourd, David M. - San Diego, CA
Obstetrics, gynecology, California Medical Board Examiner, American Board of OB/Gyn, faculty physician 20+ years.

Priver, David Michael - San Diego, CA
All medical areas associated with obstetrics and gynecology, including childbirth and pelvic surgery.

Oleksow, BS, David L. - San Diego, CA
Document Examination - Questioned documents, handwriting comparisons, business & medical records examination, document examination

Goldberg, Jack - San Diego, CA
Multidiscipinary engineering team with expertise in medical device and scientific instrument design and production.

Addario, Dominick - San Diego, CA
Medical and Hospital Malpractice, Brain Injury, Personal Injury, Harassment, Trauma, WC Disability, Will Contests-Competence, Fiduciary/HMO/provider-contract issues. Extensive IME experience Defense/Plaintiff. Keynote Speaker, Expert Testimony. References from major firms on request. Diplomate, Amer. Board of Psychiatry and Neurology; Distinguished Fellow, American Psychiatric Association; Qualified Medical Examiner, State of California; Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of California, School of Medicine, San Diego. Offices also in San Francisco Bay Area, Palm Springs, Los Angeles and Riverside County. Degrees/Licenses: MD, QME (CA); See above.

Pluta, Cynthia F. - San Diego, CA
Emergency room nursing standar of care. Testified for the plaintiff in Gervasi v. El Dorado Medical Center, LLC in 2004.

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