San Diego, California - Surgery Expert Witnesses
Bowman, William E. - San Diego, CA
Orthopedic Surgery

O Sullivan, Michael - San Diego, ca
Cardiovascular Thorasic Surgery - Plaintiff - Defense

Miller, Stephen - San Diego, CA
Plastic surgery - Breast implants - Defense?

Seelig, John - San Diego, CA
Neurosurgery - Malpractice - Plaintiff

Schorr, Robert T. - San Diego, CA
General surgery - Defense

Thomas, Edgar - San Diego, CA
Vitreo-retinal Surgery - Defense

Tournambe, Paul - San Diego, CA
Vitreo-retinal Surgery - Plaintiff

Lamond, Roderick - San Diego, CA

Scoma, Joseph A. - San Diego, CA
Specialty Focus, Special Skills, Experience: Diseases, and surgery of the colon and rectum; cancer screening, colonoscopy, rectal sphincter control and incontinence, diseases of the anus, practice limited to colon and rectal surgery for over 30 years.

Scoma, Joseph A. - San Diego, CA
General Surgeon, Colon and Rectal Surgery, Cancer Screening

Cleary, John - San Diego, CA
Neurological Surgery, Spine Surgery, Spine Care, Surgical treatment of spinal, cerebral neurotrauma at level two trauma center.

Priver, David Michael - San Diego, CA
All medical areas associated with obstetrics and gynecology, including childbirth and pelvic surgery.

Scalone, D.O., James B. - San Diego, CA
Orthopedic surgery, Workers' Compensation, Travel Orthopedics

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