Santa Rosa, California - Failure Expert Witnesses
greenberg, ralph - santa rosa, CA
Cryogenics and Industrial gases; LNG and natural gas pro- cessing, refrigeration,energy/power production/recovery . Expertise includes design, operation +industrial accidents/ failures in above areas as well as contractual deficinecies.

Read Consulting, LLC, - Santa Rosa, CA
Glass failure; Patent expertise; Plastic failures; Fatigue; Rubber Failures; Metallurgy; Corrosion; Manufacturing processes; Failure analysis; Product liability; Quality control; Product failure analysis; Wood failures; Wire Cable failures; Electrical connections, Tempered glass; Vacuum coating; Thin Film coating; Product design; Accident reconstruction; Bottle failures; Window failures; Manufacturing qualification testing; Food safety; Food processing; Canning.

Seeley, Marc - Santa Rosa, CA
25+ years experience; Engineering geology, hazardous materials, environmental assessments; Causation and failure analysis, peer review, expert consulting; Civil Trial Science Panelist, 30+ depositions and expert witness cases, contract management; Fault studies, earth movement and landslide investigations, air photo interpretation, underground storage tank investigations, ground water and soil investigations and remediation; Land development/planning studies and EIR's. Professional Geologist (CA, OR, ID), Certified Engineering Geologist (OR), Certified Environmental Manager (NV), Registered Environmental Assessor II (CA).

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