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Austin - The Third Court of Appeals of Texas is an intermediate appellate court with jurisdiction in both civil and criminal cases appealed from district or county courts.

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Court Reporters - Serving your court reporting needs in Austin and surrounding Texas communities.

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Texas Lawyers - and Attorneys by Practice Area

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Travis County - Jury Verdicts, Settlement Reports, and Selected Appellate Court Cases from the State and Federal Courts

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Travis County County Clerk - The Travis county government is made up of departments overseen by 48 different elected officials and several more appointed ones.

Travis County Court Clerk - The district clerk is the office of record for all proceedings heard in district court.

Travis County District Attorney - The mission of the District Attorney's Office is to see that justice is done by providing the highest quality legal representation for the public and individual victims of crime, as well as effectively contributing to efforts to reform and improve the cri

Travis County District Courts - There are nine district judges and four appointed associate judges in the civil division of the district courts. In general, these courts are the primary trial courts in cases involving contracts, personal injury, divorces, taxes, and family-related issue

University of Texas Law School - Maintains one of the richest academic programs of any law school in the country. The renowned strength of our faculty in scholarship, service to the profession, and teaching is the touchstone of this diverse curriculum.

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