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Best Tulsa Condo - Downtown Furnished Lofts - Tulsa, OK
Furnished studios, one bedroom and two bedroom units close in Downtown Tulsa. Best Tulsa Condo wants to provide an enjoyable living environment for your stay in Tulsa. Our lovely condos will provide all of your needs for a furnished apartment. Our condos are conveniently located within the downtown Tulsa Inter-dispersal loop facilitating quick access to all parts of Tulsa's business community, dining, entertainment, and outdoor exercise. Our condos each are unique and inviting. Our amenities are listed below: ■ All Bills Paid including WIFI and Basic Cable ■Swimming Pool ■Sauna ■Tennis and Basket Ball Courts ■Fully Equip Gym ■2 On-Site Laundries ■Covered Parking ■Gated Community with 24 x 7 on-site security ■2 Clubrooms ■Bike Racks ■Easy Access to River Parks For more information please Contact Us Via Phone, Text, or Email 918-269-0801

Self Defense Fund - Fort Worth, TX

Defend yourself; Protect your family; Membership will defend you with the “Dream Team.” In a changing world we feel confident that we have a shield of protection for you, your family, and your assets.

We are in difficult times: Assault, Rape, and Violent Robbery are everywhere; Every year, millions of Americans buy pepper spray, stun guns, firearms, and other self-defense tools; But they rarely think of being prosecuted for using them.

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