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Palomar Family Justice Center - Oklahoma City, OK
he palomar knot is the strongest, most resilient knot one can tie. When pressure and weight are applied, the knot gets stronger. We consider Palomar to be a community of strength and healing. We seek to offer victims and survivors in Oklahoma City a kind-hearted home where clients and their children come first as they work through the healing process.

Indn's List - Indigenous Democratic Network - Tulsa, OK
INDNís List members are dedicated to electing Native American men and women to office across America. We believe in the power of Indians as candidates, as contributors, as campaign professionals, and as voters to bring about great change in our country. Only when Indians are involved in the political process are they truly represented. When Indians make law and policy, the needs of Indian Country and all those less fortunate are not ignored. INDN members believe that America needs people in public office who reflect the beautiful diversity of her people. It is unconscionable that the First Americans are too often the Last Americans to have their voices heard. INDN supports Indian candidates and office holders who understand Indian issues and are responsive to the needs of Indian Country. Only when Indians are effectively involved in the political process can they and their interests be truly represented, and it is only when Indians are united behind a common cause that effective political involvement becomes possible. Thus, INDN is dedicated to unifying and mobilizing Indian voters everywhere to support Indian candidates and Democrats up and down the ballot. And most importantly, Indian children and adults alike must see other Indians running for and winning higher offices, so that future generations will be inspired to cast their Indian vote and make the Indian voice the palpable force in American politics that it deserves to be. INDNís List is committed to a four-pronged strategy to elect Democratic Indians and involve Indians in the political process. Recruiting Indian candidates; Training Indian candidates and Indian staff; Funding Indian candidates and campaigns; and Mobilizing Indian voters to help elect Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Our immediate focus is to develop Indiansí political skills and cultivate tribal resources to win elections and increase Native representation at the local and state level. Ultimately, in the future, we plan to launch a sister committee to support Native candidates for the United States Congress, Senate and beyond. Only then can we build a country where diversity is celebrated, civil rights are not negotiable under any circumstances and where the Constitutional promise of equal rights and opportunities for all made over two centuries ago is finally, truly realized.

California State University, Chico - Chico, CA
University of Colorado, Ph.D. in Political Science 1968 University of Minnesota, B.S. in Social Science 1963 Miami University, B.A. in Political Science, 1962 Post-doctoral University of Michigan, Visiting Scholar, Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research and the Survey Research Center, 1991. University of California, Santa Barbara, NEH Institute, Reapportionment: Toward Fair and Effective Representation, 1981. Lyndon B. Johnson Faculty Internship, United States House of Representatives, 1974. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, NSF Institute, Mathematical Models in Political Science, 1973. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, NSF Institute, Mathematical Applications in Political Science, 1971. EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE California State University, Chico, 1968- Assistant Professor 1968-71 Associate Professor 1971-76 Professor 1976-Present Junior State Summer Program, Georgetown University, 1986, 87, 89, & 91 Colorado College, 1967-68 Colorado Women's College, 1967 University of Colorado, 1965-67 Jefferson County Public Schools, 1963-65 ADMINISTRATIVE EXPERIENCE ROBERT S. ROSS is currently Chair of the Political Science Department, now serving his second term. He has served as Vice-Chair of the department and as the first Associate Dean of the Graduate School. SERVICES TO THE UNIVERSITY AND COMMUNITY Editorial Board, University Journal, 1970-88. (I was the founder of the series-then the University Monograph, as well as the original editor.) Trustee, Chico Unified Board of Education, 1973-85. 1 was chosen President four times and vice-president three in twelve years of service. State Central Committee, Democratic Party, 1975-81. Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research, CSU Statewide Coordinating Committee. (He was an original member of the group which brought ICPSR to the CSU and was our campus representative), 1971-75. District Coordinator for numerous local, several state-wide, and two national political campaigns. Election analysis on local radio and TV, numerous appearances. Guest speaker at numerous local clubs and organizations. PUBLICATIONS Books American National Government: Institutions, Policy, and Participation 4th ed. (Guilford, Conn.: Dushkin Publishing, 1996) (3rd ed., 1993; 2nd ed., 1991; Post 1988 Election ed., 1989; 1st ed., 1988) Perspectives on Local Government in California, Editor (Belmont, CA.: Star Publications, 1987). American National Government: An Introduction to Political Institutions, 3rd ed. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1981). (2nd ed., 1976; Ist ed., 1972) Public Choice and Public Policy, Editor (Chicago: Markham, 1971). Introductory Readings in American Government, Co-editor with William C. Mitchell (Chicago: Markham, 1971). Books under Contract. Public Policy Formation: Institutions, Issues, and Participants (New York: McGraw-Hill) (manuscript and outside review completed; revised manuscript in progress; publication due January, 1998). Legislative Process in Congress (New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston) (manuscript completed). PAPERS PRESENTATIONS AND OTHER PUBLICATIONS. "Jury Selection in High-Profile Cases: The Perverse Effects and Limitations of Voir Dire," A paper presented at the American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Meeting, Norfolk, VA, 1997. (with E. Bronson). Published as Discussion Paper 97-1, College of Behavioral and Social Science, CSU, Chico, 1997. Electing the President, 1996 distributed with American National Government 4th ed. (Guilford, CT: Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 1997) Chair of panel on, "Survey Research in High Profile Criminal Cases," American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Meeting, Norfolk, VA, 1997. "Prejudgment in High-Profile Cases: A Preliminary Analysis of the Relative Importance and Implications of Print Versus Electronic Sources of Information," A paper presented at the American Association for Public Opinion Research Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT, 1996. (with E. Bronson). Published as Discussion Paper 96-1, College of Behavioral and Social Science, CSU, Chico, 1996. "Testing and Teaching from American National Government," 4th ed. Dushkin, 1996. (3rd ed., 1993; with T. DeLorenzo, et al.; 2nd ed., 1991 and Ist ed., 1988) "Justice in the Era of the High-Profile Defendant: Will a Change of Venue Help?," A paper presented at the American Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 1991. (with E. Bronson). Nominated for the Pi Sigma Alpha Award for best paper presented at the annual meeting. Published as Discussion Paper 91-4, College of Behavioral and Social Science, CSU, Chico, 1991. Discussant on panel, "Political Attitudes and Behavior," American Association for Public Opinion Research, Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, 1991. The 1988 Election added to American National Government (Guilford, CT: Dushkin Publishing, 1989) Government 1st ed. Review of William Julius Wilson, "The Truly Disadvantaged: The Inner City, the Underclass, and Public Policy," The American School Board Journal, 175 (July, 1988): 4. Review of Jonathan Kozol, "Rachel and Her Children: Homeless Families in America," The American School Board Journal, 175 (December, 1988): 12. (With Andrea M. Ross) "The Local School Board," in David Martin, ed., American School Boards: The Positive Power (Alexandria, VA.: Kellogg Foundation and National School Boards Association, 1987). "Variation in Organization and its Impact on Local Citizens," in Robert S. Ross, ed., Perspectives on Local Government in California (Belmont, CA: Star, 1987). Review of John Brademas, "From Washington D.C. to Washington Square," The American School Board Journal, 174 (November, 1987): 7, Review of Emmette S. Redford and Richard T. McCulley, "White House Operations: The Johnson Presidency," Perspective 16 (January/February, 1987): 2-3. (Feature Review). Review of Myron Lieberman, "Beyond Public Education," The American School Board Journal, 173 (November, 1986): 8. (An exchange with the author can be found in the May, 1987 issue, p. 7). Chair of panel, "Rational Choice v. Government Regulations," Western Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, Eugene, OR, 1986. "In Search of Theory in School Finance Elections: A Critique of Cataldo and Holm," Western Political Quarterly, 38 (Sept., 1985): 502-09. "Senate Leaders' Voting Under Four Combinations of Senate/Executive Control," A paper presented at the Western Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 28-30, 1985 . "Voting on Taxes for Schools," A paper presented at the Western Political Science Association Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 28-30, 1985. Chair of panel, "Opinion and Behavior in Subnational Politics," Western Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, 1985. Review of Phil Williams, "The Senate and U.S. Troops in Europe," Perspective 14 (September/October, 1985): 120. Review of Marvin Lazerson et al., "An Education of Value: The Purposes and Practices of Schools," The American School Board Journal, 172 (December, 1985): 19. Review of G. William Dumhoff, "Who Rules America Now?" Perspective 13 (January/February, 1984): 8. Review of John H. Moore, ed. "To Promote Prosperity: U.S. Domestic Policy in the Mid 1980's," Perspective 13 (Nov/Dec 1984): 170. Reprinted in Economic Impact, USIA (June, 1985): np. "Further Observations on the Political Economy of Property Tax Reform," A paper presented at the Public Choice Society, Annual Meeting, Phoenix, March 15-17, 1984. Roundtable Panel on, "Legislative Leadership," Western Political Science Association, Annual Meeting, Sacramento, 1984. Review of M. Chester Nolte, "How to Survive as a School Board Member: The Legal Dimension," The American School Board Journal, 171 (December, 1984): 24-25. "Assessing Rationality in a Local Tax Election," Discussion Paper 84-3, College of Behavioral and Social Science, CSU, Chico, 1984. "Microcomputer Simulations of Presidential Elections," NEWS for Teachers of Political Science, American Political Science Association, 38 (Summer, 1983): 20. Government and Politics in Butte County, 2nd ed. (Chico: Department of Political Science, 1983) (1st ed., 1981, Graphic Fox). "Gaining Advantage from Conflict," A paper presented to the California School Boards Association, Annual Fall Meeting, Redding, 1983. "The Electoral College and Doctrines of Fair Representation," Discussion Paper 82-8, College of Behavioral and Social Science, CSU, Chico, 1982. "Our Constant Peril: The Insolence of Office, . The American School Board Journal 169 (Feb., 1982): 37 Roundtable panel on, "Community Support for Schools," California Association of School Business Officers, Annual Meeting, South Lake Tahoe, 1982. "Help Your Principals do Their Job," California School Boards, 41 (March, 1982): 7-9. "Evaluating Instructor's Manuals for American Government Texts," NEWS for Teachers of Political Science, American Political Science Association, 36 (Summer, 1981): 18-21. "Instructor's. Manual for American National Government," Third Edition, Houghton Mifflin, 1981. "Evaluating Superintendents," California School Boards 39, 4 (June, 1980): 14-16. "What Local Control?," California Schools Boards 38, 8 (December, 1979): 12-13. Review of Harmon Zeigler and M. Kent Jennings, "Governing American Schools," The American Political Science Review 71, 4 (December, 1977): 1688-89. Review of Morris P. Fiorina, "Congress: Keystone of the Washington Establishment," Western Political Quarterly 30, 4 (December, 1977): 688-89. Review of Dennis W. Brezina and Allen Overmyer, "Congress in Action: The Environmental Education Act," and Eric Redman, "The Dance of Legislation," Western Political Quarterly 28, I (March, 1975): 216-19. National Science Foundation Panelist, "Instructional Scientific Equipment," Seattle, 1974. Discussant on a panel, "Promising Approaches to the Study of Policy Formation, "Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Denver, 1974. Review of Vincent Ostrom, "The Political Theory of a Compound Republic," The American Political Science Review 68, 3 (September, 1974): 1315-16. Review of Donald Young, "American Roulette: A History of the Vice Presidency" Revised Edition, The American Political Science Review 68, 2 (June, 1974): 796-97. Review of David J. Vogler, "The Third 1-fouse: Conference Committees the United States Senate," American Journal of Political Science 17, 1 (February, 1973): 209-211. Review of Roger W. Cobb and Charles D. Elder, "Participation in American Politics: The Dynamics of Agenda Building," Public Choice 14 (Spring, 1973): 157-59. Review of Randall B. Ripley, "The Politics of Economic and Human Resource Development," The Journal of Politics 35, 1(February, 1973): 25 3. Review of Louis Fisher, "President and Congress: Power and Policy," Western Political Quarterly 25, 4 (December, 1972): 790-91. "Introduction: The Case Study," in Robert S. Ross, ed., Public Choice and Public Policy (Chicago: Markham Publishing, 1971). "Public Choice in American Politics," in Robert S. Ross and William C. Mitchell, eds., Introductory Readings in American Government (Chicago: Markham Publishing, 1971). "Instructor's Manual for Public Choice in America," by William C. Mitchell (Chicago: Markham Publishing, 1971). "Instructor's Manual for Political Analysis and Public Policy," by Joyce M. and William C. Mitchell (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1970). Discussant on a panel, "The Executive in the Policy Process," Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Sacramento, 1970. National Science Foundation Panelist, "Undergraduate Research Participation," Los Angeles, 1969. Seminar Participant at a National Conference, "Research Needs in Air Pollution Control," Ft. Collins, CO., 1968. Discussant on a panel, Symposium, 1968. "Congress and the President," Colorado College ROBERT S. ROSS has also had occasional pieces appear in The American School Board Journal, California School Boards, the Chico News and Review, The University Journal, among others, and have reviewed manuscripts for Houghton-Mifflin, Holt Rinehart and Winston, Markham, Rand McNally, Praeger, Brown and Benchmark, Wadsworth, Star, Prentice-Hall, and Dushkin Publishers. ROBERT S. ROSS served two terms as an Associate Editor of the Western Political Quarterly and is presently on the Editorial Board for Annual Editions in American Government (Dushkin Publishing Group).

Oklahoma Firefighters Museum - Oklahoma City, OK
This museum features extraordinary turn-of-the-century fire engines that were once used in Oklahoma communities. Oklahoma's first fire station is displayed along with the finest specimens of firefighting equipment anywhere. Exhibits relate firefighting through history, from 1730's bucket brigades to the present. Also featured is the Murrah Building bombing memorial. Free admission for children under 6.

Volunteers of America Oklahoma - Tulsa, OK
Volunteers of America of Oklahoma offers programs for people with developmental disabilities, senior housing and home care for the elderly, homes for people with Prader-Willi Syndrome and services for the homeless. In addition, it coordinates a Retired & Senior Volunteer Program, provides mentoring and literacy programs for at-risk children and youth and psychiatric treatment in residential settings.

Unique Visions, Inc. - Rock Hill, SC
Management Consulting - We use stories to shape our traditions, educate our children, entertain our masses, and even to create our futures. Throughout my career, I have been obsessed with harnessing the power of this most familiar tool. First as a writer and filmmaker, then as a creator of 3-dimensional story spaces, and now as a designer of strategic narratives, I employ story to expand our knowledge, deepen our understandings, and create real change.

I believe in the power of informed organizations to shape their future. My explorations into the intersection of narrative and foresight are designed to help others imagine and express their visions for better tomorrows. My work ranges from one on one consultation with change makers to orchestrating glimpses into the future for mass audiences.

Jacklin Computer Forensics - Renton, WA
Jacklin Computer Forensics conducts examinations of digital media, to include mobile phones, for law enforcement agencies, law firms, corporate clients, and others having a need for computer forensic services. Forensic examinations generally performed include, but are not limited to: recovery of lost/deleted data, e-mail issues, the exploitation of children, employee misconduct, and theft.

Child Custody Coach - , CA
How to Win Child Custody eBook - Proven Strategies that can Win You Custody and Save You Thousands in Attorney Costs! By Steven Carlson, The Custody Coach Overcome the learning curve that can cost you a fortune and even your children! How to Win Child Custody is available in eBook format for immediate download!

Tulsa Zoo and Living Museum - Tulsa, OK
The Tulsa Zoo offers a variety of weekly scheduled activities, ranging from live animal presentations, to train rides! Click the link below to view our activiites calendar and join us for live animal presentations, penguin demonstrations, sea lion demonstrations, aldabra tortoise feedings, shark feedings, nature's attic (Oklahoma room), children's zoo contact yard, nature's exchange, and zoo train.

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