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Ashley Lipson


Ashley Lipson, professor of law, spoke on physics and mathematics and their

relationship to law. He is working on an article titled “Mathematical Determinism:

Natural Law’s Missing Link – Jurisprudence’s Mission Axioms.” Lipson teaches

entertainment law, multimedia law, evidence and remedies. The lecture was held

Nov. 21 in the President’s Dining Room. / photo by Brittney Slater-Shrew

Author of 9 books and more than 70 published articles; Attorney at Law; Litigator and transactional attorney since 1970; and Previously, Managing Partner of Coleman, Lipson and Bradford, P.C., a general practice firm in Farmington Hills Michigan for 26 years.

PROGRAMS: Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Company Award for Excellence in the Study of Jurisprudence, received while attending Law School; Catholic Lawyer’s Guild Award, presented on a non-sectarian basis for written course work, also while attending law school; New York State Attorney General Student Internship Program, selected to serve as an assistant to New York State Attorney General; Moot Court Chief Judge, University of Detroit and Wayne State University; Congressional Advisory Membership Award.

MEMBERSHIP: The Mathematical Association of America, The American Bar Association, The American Trial Lawyers Association, The California Bar Association, The New York Bar Association (Certified for membership, having yet to join), The Michigan Bar Association (Emeritus), The Beverly Hills Bar Association (Order of Distinguished Attorneys), Intertel, Lawyers in Mensa (LIM), Delta Theta Phi International Law Fraternity, The Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation.

CHARITABLE ACTIVITIES: Donations of time, money and/or software and related products to various civic, scholastic and charitable organizations across the country, including the Los Angeles Homeless Shelter.


1. Objection!, Transmedia Inc. (author/programmer Ashley S. Lipson), Platform: C Programming Language. 1992 – 2010. The original simulation (Now referred to as “Classic Objection!”) was the first computer game to ever receive official state certification for purposes of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education. California became the first such state in 1992; presently, every state that permits “home study” has certified the Objection! computer series (approximately 20 states, some of which legislatively altered their CLE accreditation process solely to accommodate the new product). In 1993, the Harvard Record, which as a matter of policy never reviews books or products, considered Objection! So newsworthy and unique that it made an exception. The Harvard Record and many other publications have since, given the product a thumbs-up as an educational tool (Reviews are available upon request). With approximately 32,000,000 variations of play, the program, which is evidence-based, never gets boring.

The Objection! series is presently being used, not only by law firms, but also by major universities, law schools, high schools, municipalities and prosecutorial agencies around the country.

2. Civil Objection!, Transmedia Inc. (author/programmer Ashley S. Lipson). Platform: C Programming Language. 1994 – 2010. Capitalizing on its world wide success as the most popular lawyer game in existence, this follow-up game (unlike Classic Objection!, which only dealt with a single phase of the trial process) covers all aspects of the trial examination process, both direct and cross-examination, plaintiff and defendant witnesses, expert and lay witnesses, and even demonstrative evidence presentations. It is accredited by all of the states that have approved Classic Objection!

3. Civil Objection! [Slip/Fall], Transmedia Inc. (author/programmer Ashley S. Lipson). Platform: C Programming Language. 1994 – 2011. This simulation, also accredited, provides a variation on the prior Objection! themes.

4. Expert Witness!, Transmedia Inc. (author/programmer Ashley S. Lipson). 1994 – 2011. Platform: C Programming Language. This variation on the Objection! theme is designed to train attorneys with respect to the qualification, examination and cross-examination of expert witnesses. It too is accredited by all of the states that permit home study CLE.

5. SivPro!, Transmedia Inc. (author/programmer Ashley S. Lipson). Platform: Macromedia Director, Version MX2004. 2004 – 2011. This particular set of interactive tutorials, on-disk lectures, and action-games, a first of its kind, is designed to revolutionize the manner in which law students review law school subject matter. This first game is designed to structure and clarify some of the most difficult concepts of Civil Procedure that confront the first year law student. It is a complex suite of voice lectures, unique logic-based outlines, and action-games that permit hands-on learning and the visualization of otherwise abstract and confusing concepts. In many respects, the presentation is both doctrinal and concrete.


Make Your Objection!


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An eclectic bar in the Brady Arts District of downtown Tulsa. Offering at least 120 different beers, 5 televisions, pool tables, video games and the best selection of music. Downtown's original pub.

Hours: Mon - Sat 2pm-2am, Sun 5pm-2am

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