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Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.

1312 East Corporate Drive, #C
Arlington, TX 76006

Office: (817) 640-9101
Phone: () -
FAX: () -

Expertise: Certified Folder Display Service, Inc. rack brochure distribution origins date back to 1899 in San Francisco, California. Originally known as "The Peck-Judah Company", the company maintained towering oak visitor information brochure racks in the leading hotels and chambers of commerce. In 1962, The Peck-Judah Company sold their rack brochure distribution service division to their Division Director, John W. Fearn. Mr. Fearn named the new company "Certified Folder Service". Certified was headquartered in San Francisco for many more years, and later moved to San Rafael, California. Mr. Fearn selected a unique logo for Certified - our logo is derived from the International Code of Signals semaphore meaning "Stop, I have a message for you!" This has been a very appropriate logo for Certified, as our rack brochure distribution and brochure display racks serve as "visitor information centers" for the traveling public with helpful information on activities and attractions in the local area and region. The company's name later was expanded to the current "Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.", and the headquarters were moved to San Diego, California in the early 70's. The company's corporate offices are now located in Vista, California.

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