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Bridge Funds Limited

13911 Ridgedale Drive, Suite 110
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Office: (952) 417-8000
Phone: (866) 417-8001
FAX: (952) 417-0039

Expertise: BridgeFunds helps your client cover living expenses so you have more time to negotiate the best possible settlement.

We provide interim funds for clients involved in civil litigation disputes. The funds can be used to cover credit card debt, medical bills and other living expenses. By helping your client through a difficult period, we also give you the extra time to negotiate a larger settlement.

BridgeFunds’ pre-settlement funding services relieve the pressure on clients to settle lawsuits early and help reduce the anxiety and financial strain that comes from lost or reduced wages or tapping into cash reserves.

And because the funds are non-recourse and repayment is secured through the settlement, an advance from BridgeFunds does not affect your client’s credit history.

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