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David Hogg
March for Our Lives

P.O. 3417
New York, NY 10008


Expertise: A few years ago today, 17 lives were senselessly taken from us, 17 others were wounded, and countless lives were changed forever. The heartache from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting on February 14, 2018, will never go away. Through action, March For Our Lives honors the 17 lives lost that day, the 17 injured, the two lives lost after that day from the weight of this tragedy, and all the lives forever impacted by it. Our work is for them, so that not one more life is cut short or affected by senseless gun violence. The devastation of this day will be felt by the Parkland and Coral Springs communities forever, as it’s felt every day across other communities affected by the epidemic of gun violence. We continue to honor the fallen and those injured four years ago today, and all the lives lost to this epidemic, by fighting for a future free from gun violence. Our hearts are with the Parkland and Coral Springs communities and we wish them continued healing today and every day.

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