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David Rhoades
Turnaround Professionals

401 South Boston, Suite 2200
Tulsa, OK 74103

Office: 918-728-3340
FAX: 918-582-7070

Expertise: Turnaround Professionals is a select team of highly skilled, motivated and experienced executives focused upon providing dynamic management enhancement and recovery services to mid-market corporations in need of analytical skills, situational expertise and sound judgment.

Some of the services we provide are court-appointed oversight (trustee or receiver); assisting in interim and crisis management; corporate governance and general management consulting. We specialize in accounting examinations, investigation and general forensics; quantification and analysis of data; negotiation, collection and resolution of bankruptcy and receiver claims.

Turnaround Professionals assists in developing and implementing case administrative procedures, which include preparing monthly operating reports and counseling regarding the proper utilization of cash post-petition.

We strive to help people select the best operational and financial alternatives, even when a client's internal disorder and confusion threaten security. Regardless of your stake in an underperforming enterprise's future, Turnaround Professionals can untangle the threads of uncertainty, while giving you the ability to manage complex and difficult business situations.

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