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Mark Whitney

6741 Convoy Court
San Diego, CA 92111

Office: (858) 874-6543
Phone: () -
FAX: (858) 751-2435

Expertise: There's a reason Corporation starts Year Nine on January 1st. There's a reason subscribers are gaining on skeptics. - - delivers a great value. West and Lexis do not. The world has changed. Do you still pay cash for groceries? Do you still call your broker to check your portfolio? Do you run home to Katie Couric to find out what happened today? Then why pay to print? Why pay to search outside your state? Why limit yourself to a so-called Plan? Is somebody maintaining inventory? It's not like there are books involved. Would you suggest to a loved one that they pursue a career as a law librarian? The world has changed, but for most, legal research has actually stayed the same. The truth is that if anything lends itself to the personal computer it is legal research. But, as far as the small law office is concerned West, in particular, continues to leverage its disproportionate market power and economic influence to ensure that the small law office functions exactly as it did in, say, 1960. In other words, if you practice in Florida, you stay in Florida unless you want to pay a usurious toll to search in, say, Texas. Back in the days of books this was a necessary evil. In the computer age it is simply evil. Another truth is that if your practice crosses jurisdictional lines or if you simply want the FREEDOM to search across jurisdictional lines, the big guys have nothing for you unless you have a money pile. If you want to do a national search can implicate home equity. It's crazy! And, that's why is looking a Year Nine. The success of has three prongs: (1) more for less, (2) more for less, (3) more for less. Our subscribers are like you. They want to deliver a great value to the client. has loyal subscribers who: -Actually prefer to West or Lexis because is easier to use, i.e. is not mind-numbing. -Stick with because their practice requires them to search multiple jurisdictions simultaneously and because they are in a small law office, their West or Lexis plan does not include an economically viable solution. See, - LOVE that they can search coast-to-coast for $10 a week or LESS! See, - LOVE that they can access statutes, rules and regs with a national scope faster. See, - LOVE that Virtual Assistant has their back for purposes of fashioning search queries or delivering anything they can't find for whatever reason directly to your inbox - all FREE! See, - LOVE that the only way they pay us more money is if they renew; no usurious surprises. - LOVE that their renewal rate is consistently LOWER than what they originally paid for their first year. For example, the annual subscription rate for Convenience Edition is on sale for $495. But, the renewal rate is just $375! REWARDS your loyalty; novel concept in this business. - LOVE that their subscription includes: --1,200 daily newspapers --Federal and state statutes, CFR, Federal Register and state administrative codes --nearly 10,000 Federal and state judicial and administrative forms --hundreds of executive agency databases --dozens of bill trackers --thousands of practice area helpers --business, technology and legal news at the state and local level --a remarkable index of the nation's leading columnists and commentators --a massive reference desk that expedites everyday business tasks is an inexpensive, highly effective legal research SYSTEM. From Portland, ME to Miami, FL, to San Diego, CA to Seattle, WA and all points in between you CAN get there from here…using; all at a price that doesn't require further deliberations! And, there's virtually NOTHING to learn. So, subscribe to TODAY, save hundreds, add your paralegal for FREE and find out how great it feels to actually be able to do your job the way YOU want to do it. Once you experience legal research without borders, without chains, without strings and fine print, the big guys will simply look like big stingy guys. SUBSCRIBE ONLINE AND BE UP AND RUNNING IN FIVE MINUTES! Easier than booking a plane ticket! Go to: Do you still have some questions for us? Maybe you would like us to book your subscription for you. Either way, call in toll free: 1.877.4.LAWNET [877.452.9638} We look forward to being of service! Regards, MARK WHITNEY President, Corporation San Diego - Chicago, USA Toll Free: 1.877.4.LAWNET (1.877.452.9638) **************************************************************** PRIVACY STATEMENT: Corporation respects your time. We believe this advertisement is the fastest, least intrusive method of originating contact with busy professionals. However, we've always provided several free mechanisms allowing recipients to remove themselves easily and at no cost. This message was sent to: To remove this email address go to: or send an email to and enter or call toll free 1.877.452.9638 or write Corporation, 6640 Lusk Blvd., Suite A208, San Diego, CA 92121. **************************************************************** FEDERAL APPELLATE COURTS U.S. Supreme Court 1886 Federal Circuit 1982 D.C. Circuit 1930 1st Circuit (MA, ME, NH, PR, RI) 1930 2nd Circuit (CT, NY, VT) 1930 3rd Circuit (DE, NJ, PA, VI) 1930 4th Circuit (MD, NC, SC, VA, WV) 1930 5th Circuit (LA, MS, TX) 1930 6th Circuit (KY, MI, OH, TN) 1930 7th Circuit (IL, IN, WI) 1930 8th Circuit (AR, IA, MN, MO, ND, NE, SD) 1930 9th Circuit (AK, AZ, CA, GU, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA) 1941 10th Circuit (CO, KS, NM, OK, UT, WY) 1930 11th Circuit (AL, FL, GA) 1981 STATE APPELLATE COURTS Alaska 1959 Alabama 1955 Arkansas 1950 Arizona 1930 California 1905 Colorado 1930 Connecticut 1950 Dist. of Columbia 1945 Delaware 1950 Florida 1910 Georgia 1940 Guam 1996 Hawaii 1930 Iowa 1927 Idaho 1964 Illinois 1920 Indiana 1940 Kansas 1950 Kentucky 1943 Louisiana 1979 Massachusetts 1930 Maryland 1949 Maine 1940 Michigan 1930 Minnesota 1930 Missouri 1960 Mississippi 1953 Montana 1925 North Carolina 1943 North Dakota 1930 Nebraska 1965 New Hampshire 1930 New Jersey 1930 New Mexico 1930 Nevada 1950 New York 1960 Ohio 1950 Oklahoma 1954 Oregon 1948 Pennsylvania 1920 Puerto Rico 1998 Rhode Island 1950 South Carolina 1950 South Dakota 1965 Tennessee 1950 Texas 1919 Utah 1950 Virginia 1930 Virgin Islands Vermont 1919 Washington 1935 Wisconsin 1945 West Virginia 1970 Wyoming 1960 FEDERAL DISTRICT COURTS Alaska District Alabama Middle District Alabama Northern District Alabama Southern District Arkansas Eastern District Arkansas Western District Arizona District California Central District California Eastern District California Northern District California Southern District Colorado District Connecticut District DC District Delaware District Florida Middle District Florida Northern District Florida Southern District Georgia Middle District Georgia Northern District Georgia Southern District Guam District Hawaii District Iowa Northern District Iowa Southern District Idaho District Illinois Central District Illinois Northern District Illinois Southern District Illinois Eastern District Indiana Northern District Indiana Southern District Kansas District Kentucky Eastern District Kentucky Western District Louisiana Eastern District Louisiana Middle District Louisiana Western District Massachusetts District Maryland District Maine District Michigan Eastern District Michigan Western District Missouri Eastern District Missouri Western District Minnesota District Mississippi Northern District Mississippi Southern District Montana District North Carolina Eastern District North Carolina Middle District North Carolina Western District North Dakota District Nebraska District New Hampshire District New Jersey District New York Eastern District New York Northern District New York Southern District New York Western District Ohio Northern District Ohio Southern District Oklahoma Eastern District Oklahoma Northern District Oklahoma Western District Oregon District Pennsylvania Eastern District Pennsylvania Middle District Pennsylvania Western District Puerto Rico District Rhode Island District South Carolina District Western South Carolina District South Dakota District Tennessee Eastern District Tennessee Middle District Tennessee Western District Texas Eastern District Texas Northern District Texas Southern District Texas Western District Utah District Virginia Eastern District Virginia Western District Vermont District Virgin Islands District Washington Eastern District Washington Western District Wisconsin Eastern District Wisconsin Western District West Virginia Northern District West Virginia Southern District Wyoming District FEDERAL AGENCY PRACTICE Board of Immigration Appeals Court of Federal Claims Court of International Trade Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission Internal Revenue Service Revenue Rulings National Transportation Safety Board Occupational Health and Safety Review Commission United States Tax Court United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims TRIBAL COURTS Chitimacha Tribal Court (LA) Mashantucket Peqout (CT) Colville Confederated Tribes Court of Appeals (WA) Mohegan Gaming Disputes Court (CT) Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde (OR) Navajo Nation Court (AZ) Coquille Tribal Court (OR) Passamaquoddy Tribal Court (ME) Coushatta Tribal Court (LA) Puyallup Tribal Court of Appeals (WA) Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (NC) Saint Regis Mohawk Tribal Court (NY) Fort McDowell Yavapai Tribal Court (AZ) Tunica-Biloxi Tribal Court (LA) Hopi Tribal Court (AZ) Fort Peck Tribal Court - Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes (MT) Makah Tribal Court (WA) Crow Court of Appeals (MT)

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