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Steve Turnbo
Schnake Turnbo Frank, Inc.

400 South Boston Building
Tulsa, OK 74103-5004

Office: (918) 582-9151 Ext. 227
Phone: () -
FAX: (918) 582-6023

Expertise: Our firm’s business philosophy is based on universally regarded morals and principles. Service is the cornerstone of our credo: Service to our clients, to our community and to one another. We believe our clients are our lifeblood. They are the reason for our existence and the key to our success, our growth and our future. Client service is our top priority. We believe our employees are the reason for our success. We believe in celebrating their achievements and rewarding them for high levels of performance. We thrive on creativity, humility, forward thinking, open mindedness and fresh ideas. We believe in empowerment. We recognize that with empowerment comes responsibility. We believe in hard work and teamwork. We believe that continual improvement comes from continuous education – about our profession, our community and our world. The spirit of congeniality reigns at all times. We expect leadership from ourselves and respect for others. We support a work environment that is positive, enjoyable and healthy. We practice good sportsmanship and are respectful of our competition. We realize that balance is a key component to quality of life. We believe in having fun, and in celebrating the accomplishments of our employees, our clients and our lives. We recognize that a diverse workforce – in ideology, ethnicity, background and beliefs – creates a culture that is invigorating and stimulating. We believe that listening is an essential trait in practicing public relations and that client counsel should be forthright and untarnished. We believe public relations is a profession with a distinct body of knowledge. We are committed to its advancement and proudly subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the Public Relations Society of America. These are our beliefs. Our goal is to make life better: For our clients, for our employees and for our communities.

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