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Date: 02-13-2024

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Esther Wethington v. Joshua Wethington

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Court: Superior Court, Fairfield County, Connecticut

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Description: Fairfield, Connecticut family law represented Plaintiff and Defendant in a divorce action.

Action for the dissolution of a marriage, and for other relief, brought to the Superior Court in the judicial district of Fairfield, where the plaintiff filed motions for contempt; thereafter the case was tried to the court, Egan, J.; judgment dissolving the marriage and granting certain other relief and finding the defendant in contempt; subsequently, the court, Egan, J., denied the defendant's postjudgment motions to reargue, and the defendant appealed to this court. Reversed in part; judgment directed.

Wethington v. Wethington, AC 45824 (Conn. App. Feb 13, 2024)

Outcome: Divorce granted, appealed and affirmed.

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