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Date: 05-02-2023

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Greg Halderman v. City of Sturgeon, Missouri and Tyler Patterson

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Judge: Robert J. Harris

Court: Circuit Court, Boone County, Missouri

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Michael G. Berry and Kimberly

Description: Columbia, Missouri employment law lawyer represented Plaintiff who sued Defendants on wrongful termination theories.

Halderman sued the City, the City’s Mayor, and the Aldermen who had voted to terminate him in the Circuit Court of Boone County. Halderman sought judicial review of the City’s termination decision. He also alleged that he was entitled to damages because the City and City officials had wrongfully discharged him, and because the City officials had tortiously interfered with his employment contract.The circuit court ruled that the City had failed to afford Halderman the
formal contested-case hearing to which he was entitled, and vacated Halderman’s termination. Halderman abandoned his claims against all of the City officials, except for his tortious interference claim against Alderman Tyler Patterson.
Following a jury trial, the circuit court entered judgment for Halderman on his wrongful discharge claim against the City, and on his tortious interference claim against Patterson.

The City and Patterson appeal. We affirm the circuit court’s determination that Halderman’s 2017 termination was contrary to law, because the City failed to provide him with a contested-case hearing. We also affirm the wrongfuldischarge judgment against the City.

Outcome: Judgment in favor of Plaintiff affirmed in part and reversed in part.

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