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Date: 02-22-2024

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Barbara Hill High School District v. Darryl George and Darresha George

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Judge: Chap Cain III

Court: 253rd Judicial District Court, Chambers County, Texas

Plaintiff's Attorney: Dillon Austin Breazeale

Defendant's Attorney: Allie R. Booker

Description: Anahuac, Texas lawyers represented the Plaintiff who sued the Defendant seeking a declaratory judgment that it could punish a student for refusing to cut his hair.

The Plaintiff claimed that Darryl George’s long hair, which he wears in neatly tied and twisted dreadlocks on top of his head, violates a district dress code that limits hair length for boys. The district has said other students with locs comply with the length policy.

The question was whether the school district's policies violate the CROWN Act that prohibits race-based hair discrimination and bars employers and schools from penalizing people because of hair texture or protective hairstyles including Afros, braids, dreadlocks, twists or Bantu knots.

Outcome: Judgment in favor of the Plaintiff. Cain ruled the district’s policy “does not prohibit nor does it discriminate against male students who wear braids, locs, or twists.”

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Comments: Editor's Note: A not surprising ruling by a rural Texas court judge.

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