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Date: 12-08-2023

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Lonetta Carter, et al. v. Kokomo Key Properties, d/b/a Swamp Car Wash

Case Number: 01 2022 CA 000762

Judge: Walker

Court: Circuit Court, Alachua County, Florida

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Esteban F. Scornik

Description: Gainesville, Florida personal injury lawyer represented the Plaintiff who sued the Defendant on a wrongful death negligence theory.

Bobby Hopkins was shot in the chest and killed outside the Defendant's business on Mary 22, 2021.

Plaintiffs claimed that Defendant had a duty to take such precautions as were reasonably necessity to protect customers and invitees from reasonable foreseeable criminal attacks.

Defendant claimed that Hopkins was "engaged in criminal activities known to be dangerous on the subject premises, and therefore should be treated as having assumed the risk for his participation in such activities."

Outcome: Plaintiff's verdict for $7.5 million. The jury placed 75% of the responsibility for Hopkins' death on the car wash, and the other 25% on Hopkins himself. The jury returned damages in the amount of $3.75 million for each of Hopkins' two minor children. It also awarded an additional $9,000 for Hopkins' funeral expenses.

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