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Date: 02-23-2021

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Jahkenn Sayvion Buchanan v. The State of Texas

Case Number: 09-19-00353-CR


Court: Court of Appeals Ninth District of Texas at Beaumont

Plaintiff's Attorney: John Creuzot

Defendant's Attorney:

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Beaumont, Texas - Criminal defense attorney represented Jahkenn Sayvion Buchanan with an Aggravated Robbery charge.

Jahkenn Sayvion Buchanan appeals his conviction for aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony.1 After Buchanan filed the notice, the attorney the trial court appointed to represent Buchanan in his appeal submitted an Anders brief. 2 In the
brief, Buchanan’s attorney argues no arguable grounds exist to support filing a
merits-based brief in Buchanan’s appeal. In the brief, Buchanan’s attorney provided
the Court with his professional evaluation of the record, and he explains why no
arguable issues exist to support any arguments asserting the judgment the trial court
rendered should be reversed. In the brief, Buchanan’s attorney has certified that he
sent Buchanan a copy of the brief, the record, and he explained to Buchanan that
Buchanan could file his own pro se response in this Court to explain why he thought
the judgment the trial court signed in his case should be reversed. That said,
Buchanan did not file a pro se response.
The record before us shows that in May 2019, a Dallas County grand jury
indicted Buchanan for aggravated robbery. The indictment states that Buchanan
committed the aggravated robbery in September 2018. In August 2019, Buchanan
signed a judicial confession. In the judicial confession, Buchanan admitted that,
based on the allegation in his indictment, he committed the aggravated robbery as
was alleged. After the trial court heard evidence that was relevant to the
circumstances surrounding Buchanan’s case and heard evidence relevant to
Buchanan’s punishment, the trial court sentenced Buchanan to prison for a term of
fifteen years.
After Buchanan appealed, Buchanan’s court-appointed attorney filed a brief.
The brief provides the Court with the attorney’s professional evaluation of the
record. The brief concludes that Buchanan’s appeal is frivolous.3
After reviewing the appellate record and the Anders brief filed by Buchanan’s
attorney, we agree that no arguable issues exist in the appeal to support the filing of
a merits-based brief. We further conclude the appeal is frivolous. Consequently, we
need not appoint another attorney to re-brief the appeal.4

Outcome: For these reasons, the judgment in Trial Court Cause Number F-1940702-V is

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