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Date: 11-22-2021

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Frederic Guttenberg, et al. v. United States of America

Case Number: 0:18-cv-62758-WPD

Judge: William P. Dimitrouleas

Court: United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida (Miami County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Paul David Stern, Carlos Javier Raurell, Sarah Elizabeth Klein

Description: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida personal injury lawyers represented Plaintiffs, who sued Defendants on Federal Tort Claims Act negligence theories claiming to have suffered injuries and/or damages as a direct of wrongful acts, errors and omissions on the part of the FBI's failure to act on tips about the gunman who killed 17 people and wounded 17 more at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018.

Outcome: Settled for a reported $130 million.

Plaintiff's Experts:

Defendant's Experts:


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