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Date: 01-03-2024

Case Style:

In re Marriage of Christine Nakamoto and Daniel Hsu

Case Number: 11D006853

Judge: James L. Waltz

Court: Superior Court, Orange County, California

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Santa Ana, California family law divorce lawyers represented the parties.

This divorce action between Christine Nakamoto and Daniel Hsu (collectively, the former spouses) has been ongoing for 11 years.[1] That is two years longer than their marriage. While no judgment has been entered, this is the third appeal in this action and the second appeal concerning attorney fees. Like a horror movie franchise, it appears this case will never end.

Generally, the underlying dispute is between the former spouses, on one side, and Daniel's siblings, Charleson Hsu (Chau) and Melissa Hsu See (Melissa), and several family-owned businesses - Brion Corporation, Sun Ten Museum, Inc., and Sun Ten Pharmaceutical, California - on the other (collectively, claimants). The former spouses believed claimants owed Daniel roughly $4 million, which had been transmuted to community property. Claimants denied owing Daniel anything. To settle this dispute, Christine involuntarily joined claimants to this action. The dispute proceeded to trial, where the former spouses lost.
Nakamoto v. Hsu (In re Nakamoto), G061363 (Cal. App. Jan 03, 2024)

Outcome: Affirmed in part and reversed in part.

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