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Date: 07-05-2022

Case Style:

State of Iowa v. Stanley liggins

Case Number: 19-0945


Court: Supreme Court of Iowa on appeal from the District Court, Scott County

Plaintiff's Attorney: District Attorney Scott County Iowa

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Davenport, Iowa Criminal defense lawyer represented Defendant charged with first degree murder.

Stanley Liggins appeals following his conviction for murder in the first degree following a retrial. Liggins contends his right to a fair trial was violated by jury misconduct and the district court’s failure to investigate the issue. He further contends the district court erred: (1) in admitting the former testimony =of a witness in violation of the hearsay rule and Liggins’ confrontation rights; (2) in failing to exclude the testimony of several witnesses pursuant to rule 5.403; (3) in excluding hearsay statements of the child victim pursuant to rule 5.807; (4) in denying his motion for new trial; and (5) in denying his motion to dismiss based on due process violations.

Outcome: Affirmed.

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