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Date: 04-12-2024

Case Style:

United States of America v. Uwemedimo Umoren

Case Number: 1:22-cr-00193

Judge: Victor Marrero

Court: The United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: The United States Attorney’s Office in New York

Defendant's Attorney:

Jeffrey Chabrowe


New York City New York criminal defense lawyer represented the Defendant charged with Fraud Schemes Perpetrated By Nigeria-Based Criminal Enterprise .

Georgia Man Sentenced To Three Years In Prison For Laundering Millions In Proceeds From Fraud Schemes Perpetrated By Nigeria-Based Criminal Enterprise

UWEMEDIMO UMOREN was sentenced to three years in prison for his participation in an international wire fraud conspiracy based in Nigeria, involving the theft of millions of dollars from victims across the U.S. UMOREN pled guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud on August 28, 2023.

U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said: “The multimillion-dollar fraud enterprise Uwemedimo Umoren participated in preyed on the trust of elder Americans and others, using deceitful tactics to drain their hard-earned savings. The impact of this financial exploitation on the victims is devastating. With today’s sentencing, justice is served, but our fight isn’t over. This case underscores the importance of collaboration between law enforcement agencies in combatting complex fraud schemes and safeguarding Americans from financial fraud and exploitation.”

According to allegations in the Indictment and other filings and statements made in court:

From at least in or about 2016 through at least in or about December 2021, UMOREN participated in a criminal enterprise (the “Enterprise”) based in Nigeria that conducted a series of scams against individuals and businesses located across the U.S. UMOREN facilitated the laundering of proceeds of the Enterprise’s investment, business email compromise, and romance scams. Members of the Enterprise used electronic messages sent via email, text messaging, or online dating websites to gain the trust of the victims, many of whom were vulnerable older men and women who lived alone, and caused the victims to transfer money to bank accounts controlled by members of the Enterprise.

UMOREN received fraud proceeds from victims of the Enterprise in more than a dozen business bank accounts that he controlled in Georgia. The business bank accounts were opened in the names of companies formed by the defendant that were purportedly involved in, among other things, automobile sales and health care. From in or about 2016 through at least in or about December 2021, UMOREN controlled at least 15 bank accounts held in the name of shell companies he controlled that received deposits totaling over approximately $8 million.

At least 17 individual and corporate victims lost money as part of UMOREN and his co-conspirators’ schemes. The victims include vulnerable, isolated, and elderly victims who entered into relationships after the deaths of their spouses and, over a period of several years, were induced to drain their entire retirement savings. Many victims experienced severe emotional harm, including a now-deceased man whose stress from losing his life savings to the schemes contributed to his suffering a stroke.


Defendant was found guilty and sentenced to three years in prison and sentenced to three years of supervised release. UMOREN was also ordered to forfeit a money judgment in the amount of $8,230,516.04 and was ordered to pay $1,246,072 in restitution.

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