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Date: 11-06-2023

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Conroad Associates, L.P. v. Castleton Corner Owners Association, Inc., et al.

Case Number: 1:22-cv-00750

Judge: Jane Magnus-Stinson

Court: United States District Court for the Southern District of Indiana (Marion County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Indianapolis, Indiana civil litigation lawyers represented the Plaintiff and the Defendant on breach of contract theories.

Plaintiff Conroad Associates, L.P. (" ;Conroad") initiated this litigation against Defendants Castleton Corner Owners Association, Inc. (the "Association"), AT Castleton IN Owner, LLC, AT Castleton IN Association Manager, LLC, Arciterra Companies, LLC ("Arciterra"), Jonathan M. Larmore, Crystal Scudder, and James C. Shook, Jr. asserting claims for breach of the Association's governing documents, fraud, and breach of fiduciary duty, among other claims. Defendants filed their Answer and the Association asserted counterclaims for breach of contract, declaratory judgment, and malicious prosecution against Conroad. Conroad has filed a Motion to Dismiss the Association's malicious prosecution counterclaim.

Outcome: 11/06/2023 148 ORDER GRANTING DISMISSAL OF ACTION WITHOUT PREJUDICE - This cause having come before the Court upon a Stipulation of Dismissal, the Court hereby grants the dismissal of the remaining causes of action against Castleton Corner Owners Association, Inc., and any counterclaims in this lawsuit, without prejudice. It is, therefore, ORDERED that this action is hereby DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE as to all remaining claims and counterclaims 147 . All other causes of action in this case were DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE by Order of Court on August 4, 2023 126 . The April 18, 2024 final pretrial conference and the May 13, 2024 trial dates are vacated. Signed by Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson on 11/6/2023. (JSR) (Entered: 11/06/2023)

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