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Date: 04-25-2022

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Marjorie Taylor Greene v. Brad Raffensperger, et al.

Case Number: 1:22-cv-01294-AT

Judge: Amy Totenberg

Court: United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia

Plaintiff's Attorney: James Bopp, Kurt Hilbert and Melena Siebert

Defendant's Attorney: Charlene S McGowan, Elizabeth Marie Wilson Vaughan,
Lee M. Stoy, Jr. and Russell D. Willard for Brad Raffensperger
in his official capacity as Georgia Secretary of State and Charles R. Beaudrot
inhis official capacity as an AdministrativeLaw Judge for the Office of StateAdministrative Hearings for the State of Georgia

Andrew G. Celli Jr., Jr. Andrew K. Jondahl and Benjamin Horton for Intervenor David Rowan

Description: Atlanta, Georgia civil litigation lawyers represented Plaintiff, who sued Defendants on Civil Right Act violation theories.

Judge Amy Totenberg of the U.S. District for the Northern District of Georgia has denied Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s application for a preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order that, if granted, would have halted disqualification challenge proceedings against Rep. Greene and allowed her to be included on the ballot for the May 24 primary elections. In its 73-page ruling, the Court cited Rep. Greene’s “failure to cite persuasive legal authority or even include a developed legal argument” in holding that she “failed[ed] to establish a substantial likelihood of success on the merits.”

The challenge to Rep. Greene’s re-election was filed by a group of Georgia voters in late March on 14th Amendment grounds – specifically, that Rep. Greene was disqualified under the Insurrectionist Disqualifications Clause of the 14th Amendment because she engaged in insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

The instant lawsuit, Greene v. Raffensperger et al, was filed by Rep. Greene in an attempt to end the challenge to her candidacy without allowing it to proceed through Georgia’s established legal process.

The underlying disqualification challenge was heard by a state administrative law judge on April 22.

Outcome: Congress woman Green seems to suffer from a bad case of "I don't remember" when cross examined by Andrew Celli.

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