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Date: 08-08-2023

Case Style:

Jose Ruiz v. Paramount Global, Inc.

Case Number: 1:23-cv-04439

Judge: Alvin K. Hellerstein

Court: United States District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Scott Burroughs

Defendant's Attorney: Andrew Nich

Description: New York City, New York intellectual property lawyer represented Plaintiff who sued Defendant on a copyright infringement theory.

"Copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of copyrighted material. This can include things like copying, distributing, or performing copyrighted works without permission from the copyright holder.

Copyright infringement is a violation of the copyright holder's exclusive rights. These rights include the right to reproduce the work, the right to distribute the work, the right to perform the work, and the right to create derivative works.

Copyright infringement can be a civil or criminal offense. In civil cases, the copyright holder can sue the infringer for damages. The damages can include the profits that the infringer made from the infringement, the losses that the copyright holder suffered as a result of the infringement, and the costs of bringing the lawsuit.

In criminal cases, the infringer can be fined or imprisoned. The penalties for copyright infringement can vary depending on the severity of the offense.

Here are some examples of copyright infringement:

Copying and distributing copyrighted music without permission.
Uploading copyrighted movies to a file-sharing website.
Selling counterfeit goods that infringe on a trademark.
Creating a derivative work of a copyrighted work without permission.

If you believe that your copyright has been infringed, you should speak with an attorney to discuss your legal options. An attorney can help you determine if you have a case and can help you file a lawsuit, if necessary.

Here are some things to keep in mind about copyright infringement:

Copyright infringement is a serious offense. It can result in civil and criminal penalties.
Not all uses of copyrighted material are infringements. For example, fair use allows for the use of copyrighted material for certain purposes, such as criticism, commentary, news reporting, and scholarship.
If you are unsure whether your use of copyrighted material is infringing, you should speak with an attorney.
There are a number of resources available to help you protect your copyrights. These resources include the U.S. Copyright Office and the Copyright Alliance.

Here are some of the defenses that may be available to someone accused of copyright infringement:

Fair use: Fair use is a legal doctrine that allows for the limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the copyright holder. Fair use is often used for purposes such as criticism, commentary, news reporting, and scholarship.
Mistake: If the infringer did not know that the material was copyrighted, they may be able to claim a mistake.
Consent: If the copyright holder gave permission for the use of the material, there is no copyright infringement.
Public domain: If the material is in the public domain, it is not protected by copyright and can be used freely.
Ephemeral recordings: Copyright does not protect ephemeral recordings, which are recordings that are made for a limited purpose, such as to be used in a radio broadcast.

If you are accused of copyright infringement, you should speak with an attorney to discuss your legal options. An attorney can help you determine if you have a defense and can help you defend yourself against the charges."

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Outcome: 08/08/2023 19 ORDER... This case is dismissed. If the settlement is not consummated within 45 days of this order, or an authorized enlarged date, either party may apply by letter for restoration of the action within 10 days after the close of said period. All pending court dates are cancelled. The Clerk is directed to close the case. SO ORDERED. (Signed by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein on 8/8/23) (yv) (Entered: 08/08/2023)
08/08/2023 20 AO 121 FORM COPYRIGHT - CASE TERMINATED- SUBMITTED. In compliance with the provisions of 17 U.S.C. 508, the Register of Copyrights is hereby advised that a final decision was rendered on 8/8/23 in a court action filed on the following copyright(s) in the U.S. District Court Southern District of New York. Form e-mailed to Register of Copyrights. (yv) (Entered: 08/08/2023)
08/08/2023 21 NOTICE OF VOLUNTARY DISMISSAL pursuant to Rule 41(a)(1)(A)(i) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the plaintiff(s) and or their counsel(s), hereby give notice that the above-captioned action is voluntarily dismissed, with prejudice and without costs against the defendant(s) Does 1-10, Paramount Global, Inc.. Document filed by Jose Ruiz. Proposed document to be reviewed and processed by Clerk's Office staff (No action required by chambers)...(Burroughs, Scott) (Entered: 08/08/2023)

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