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Date: 11-22-2022

Case Style:

Deontrae Thomas v. State of Florida

Case Number: 1D20-2260

Judge: Nordby

Court: Florida Court of Appeals, First District on appeal from the Circuit Court, Duval County

Plaintiff's Attorney: Ashley Moody, Attorney General, Miranda L. Butson, Assistant Attorney General, and Sharon S. Traxler, Assistant Attorney General, Tallahassee, for Appellee.

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Jacksonville, Florida criminal law lawyer represented Defendant charged with murder.

This murder case began in the early morning hours of May 27, 2017. Eighteen-year-old Z.B. was at home sleeping. His sixteenyear-old sister S.B. and four other children were also in the house asleep. A crashing noise from the kitchen awakened the occupants, and they all gathered in the living room to find that a sliding glass door had been broken with a rock. Someone outside then began shooting into the house, and everyone tried to take cover. Thomas walked into the house holding a gun. S.B. recognized him; she had communicated with him over social media and seen him in a music video on YouTube. Although S.B. had never met Thomas in person, she knew him as “Trae Shorty,” which was his Facebook name. Thomas walked into the living room, fired his gun multiple times, and then left. Z.B., S.B., and one other child had been shot. The police and paramedics arrived soon after. Z.B. died from multiple gunshot wounds, S.B. had gunshot wounds to her leg and foot, and the third victim had gunshot wounds throughout her body. S.B. told the police that “Trae Shorty” was the shooter and showed an officer his Facebook profile. The police obtained an arrest warrant for Thomas and arrested him the next day. After his arrest, Thomas was taken to a homicide office where detectives conducted a video-recorded interview.

Outcome: Reversed and remanded.

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