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Date: 12-06-2019

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Vernon Unsworth v. Elon Musk

Case Number: 2:18-cv-08048-SVW-JC

Judge: Stephen V.Wilson

Court: United States District Court for the Central District of California (Los Angeles County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: R.Chris Chatham, G.Taylor Wilson, Jonathan D.Grunberg, L. Lin Wood, Matt C. Wood, and Nicole Jennings Wade

Defendant's Attorney: Alexander Spiro, Ellyde Thompson, John C. Hueston, Michael T. Lifrak, Moe m. Kaba, Robert M. Schwartz, Sourabh Mishra, and William C. Price

Description: Los Angeles, CA - Vernon Unsworth sued Elon Musk on a libel and slander theory claiming that Musk slandered him when he referred to him as the "Pedo Guy" during the cave rescue efforts in Southeast Asia in 2016,

Unsworth did not think that Musk's idea of using a mini-submarine to rescue the trapped boys was not a good one and said so. Musk did not like the criticism.

Outcome: Defendant's verdict.

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