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Date: 06-14-2024

Case Style:

Danyell Drummond v. Veritas Funding

Case Number: 2:21-cv-423

Judge: Ted Stewart

Court: United States District Court for the District of Utah (Salt Lake County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Benson L. Hathaway, Jr., Qiwei Chen, Ryan C. Cadwallader


Salt Lake City, Utah civil litigation trail lawyer represented the Plaintiff who sued on a breach of contract theory.

This case was filed in the 3rd District, Salt Lake County, 210902908, and was removed to federal court by the Defendant.

If one party fails to perform their obligations under an agreement without a reasonable excuse, the other party may be able to sue them for breach of contract. To do this, the contract must be valid—it must be legal and both parties must have the capacity to enter into it.

Outcome: 06/14/2024 98 STIPULATION of Dismissal with Prejudice by Veritas Funding. (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit Proposed Order)(Hathaway, Benson) (Entered: 06/14/2024)
06/14/2024 99 NOTICE FROM THE COURT. On June 14, 2024, the parties filed their 98 Stipulation of Dismissal. Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 41(a)(1)(A)(ii), the stipulated dismissal is self-effectuating. The case is dismissed with prejudice per the terms of the stipulated dismissal with no fees, costs, or expenses awarded as to any party. No order will follow. (maa) (Entered: 06/14/2024)
06/14/2024 Civil Case Terminated. Magistrate Judge Dustin B. Pead and Magistrate Judge Cecilia M. Romero no longer assigned to case. (jrj) (Entered: 06/14/2024)

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