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Date: 03-27-2024

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Silva Guerrero-Ramirez v. 99 Cent Only Stores, LLC

Case Number: 2:22-cv-01688

Judge: Gloria M. Navarro

Court: United States District Court for the District of Nevada (Clark County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Erick Bromson - 702-968-9900 and Jason W. Barrus - 702-550-6500

Defendant's Attorney: Homero Ali Gonzalez, Jeffrey J. Orr, Lewis W. Brandon, Jr.

Description: Las Vegas, Nevada personal injury lawyer represented the Plaintiff who sued on a premises liability negligence theory.

This case was filed in the Eighth Judicial District Court, A-22-857398-C, and was removed to federal court by 99 Cents Only Stores, LLC.

The civil law of negligence is based upon the concept that a reasonably prudent person should act in a certain way. Negligence is the result of an individual (or entity) failing to fulfill a duty owed and falling below the standard of care by not acting as a reasonably prudent person should.

There are several elements of a negligence case you must prove in court in order for your negligence claim to be successful:

Duty: the other party owed you a duty of care;
Breach of Duty: the other party failed to meet that duty;
Cause in Fact: but for the other party's failure, you would not have been injured;
Proximate Cause: the other party's failure (and not something else) caused your injury; and
Damages: you have actually been injured and suffered some loss.

Outcome: 03/27/2024 27 STIPULATION TO DISMISS Defendant, 99 Cents Only Stores, LLC, with Prejudice Leaving No Remaining Parties by Defendant 99 Cents Only Stores, LLC. (Brandon, Lewis) (dismiss) (Entered: 03/27/2024)
03/27/2024 28 ORDER. IT IS ORDERED that Defendant, 99 Cents Only Stores, LLC, be dismissed, with prejudice from the above-entitled matter, leaving no remaining parties. Each party to bear their own fees and costs.

This case is now closed.

Signed by Judge Gloria M. Navarro on 3/27/2024. (Copies have been distributed pursuant to the NEF - AMMi) (Entered: 03/27/2024)

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