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Date: 04-11-2024

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April Atwater v. Becky Atwater Washington

Case Number: 2:23-cv-00027

Judge: Christina Reiss

Court: United States District Court for the District of Vermont (Chittenden County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Brett R. Boulton and John F. Evers

Defendant's Attorney: Delanie Grewe, Laura Menninger, Lisa B. Shelkrot

Description: Burlington, Vermont personal injury lawyers represented the Plaintiff who sued the defendant on a negligence theory.

Contributory negligence does not bar recovery in an action by any plaintiff, or his or her legal representative, to recover damages for negligence resulting in death, personal injury, or property damage, if the negligence was not greater than the causal total negligence of the defendant or defendants, but the damage shall be diminished by general verdict in proportion to the amount of negligence attributed to the plaintiff. Where recovery is allowed against more than one defendant, each defendant shall be liable for that proportion of the total dollar amount awarded as damages in the ratio of the amount of his or her causal negligence to the amount of causal negligence attributed to all defendants against whom recovery is allowed. (Added 1969, No. 234 (Adj. Sess.), § 1, eff. date see note; amended 1979, No. 179 (Adj. Sess.), § 1, eff. May 5, 1980.)

Outcome: Settled for an undisclosed sum and dismissed with prejudice.

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