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Date: 08-26-2022

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FedEx Ground Package System, Inc. v. Route Consultant, Inc.

Case Number: 3:22-cv-00656

Judge: Aleta A. Trauger

Court: United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee (Davidson County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Curtis B. Krasik, Jason W. Callen, Patrick McElhinny, Thomas J. Smith

Defendant's Attorney: No appearance yet.

Description: FedEx Ground Package System, Inc. sued Route Consultant, Inc. on a Lanham Act Trademark Infringement theory claiming that Defendant is disparaging its delivery system.

Route Consultant, Inc. is owned by Spemcer Patton, a FedEx contractor who claims that FedEx is not treating the companies that actually deliver FedEx packages to the public fairly.

The business model for FedEx is fundamentally different from UPS, which owns and operates its delivery system with unionized employees. FedEx contacts with thousands of businesses that provide the trucks and drivers to deliver FedEx packages to its customers.

FedEx's 30 page complaint seeks injunctive and monetary damages.

Outcome: Pending

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