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Date: 02-24-2024

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State of New York v. Wayne LaPierre, Wilson "Woody" Phillips, John Frazier, and the NRA

Case Number: 451625/2020

Judge: Not Available

Court: Supreme Court, New York County, New York

Plaintiff's Attorney: New York Attorney General's Office

Defendant's Attorney: Jonathan D. Conley, Yael Fuchs, Stephen Thompson, Erica James, William A. Brewer III, Sarah B. Rogers, Mordecai Geisler, David J. Partida, William B. Fleming, P. Kent Correll

Description: New York, New York civil fraud lawyers represented the Defendants charged with fiduciary fraud for their roles in opeating the National Rife Association.

LaPierre was the CEO, Phillips was the CFO, and Frazer was General Counsel.

The New York Attorney General's office alleged that the Defendants engaged in self-dealing, and lax financial oversight at the highest levels of the National Rifle Association. It was alleged that the Defendants engaged in exorbitant spending and expense reimbursement for the personal benefit of senior management, along with conflicts of interest, related party transactions, cover-ups, negligence, and retaliation against dissidents and whistleblowers who dared to investigate or complain, which siphoned millions of dollars away from the NRA's legitimate operations.

Outcome: The jury found that LaPierre cost the NRA a total of $5.4m, of which slightly more than $1m has already been repaid. He must now pay back $4.35m. Mr Phillips was ordered to repay $2m.

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