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Date: 07-27-2022

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United States of America v. Jovell J. Swopes

Case Number: 4:19-cr-00343-RK

Judge: Roseann Ketchmark

Court: United States District Court for the Western District of Missouri (Jackson County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: United States Attorney’s Office

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Kansas City, Missouri criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with illegally possessing a firearm.

Jovelle L. Swopes, age 44, sold 2.7 grams of marijuana to an undercover Kansas City, Mo., police officer on July 31, 2019. He was pulled over afterward and placed under arrest. Officers searched the vehicle Swopes was driving and found a loaded Glock .40-caliber semi-automatic pistol on the floor underneath the front passenger seat. Officers found a Glock magazine that contained 21 .40-caliber rounds inside a fanny pack on the floor of the backseat.

At the time of his arrest, Swopes was on supervised release after serving almost four years in federal prison for a conviction of being a felon in possession of a firearm. According to court documents, Swopes has a violent criminal history, including a long history of arrests related to assaults and domestic violence. For example, Swopes drove up to a residence on June 10, 2018, got out of his vehicle, and began to fire several shots from a firearm at another man. The victim attempted to run away from Swopes, who continued firing, shooting the victim multiple times in the legs. Swopes then got into his minivan and drove away.

Under federal law, it is illegal for anyone who has been convicted of a felony to be in possession of any firearm or ammunition. In addition to his prior federal conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm, Swopes has prior state felony convictions for assault, armed criminal action, sale of a controlled substance, and possession of a controlled substance.

This case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Kenneth W. Borgnino and David A. Barnes. It was investigated by the Kansas City, Mo., Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

Outcome: 07/27/2022 129 Minute Entry for proceedings held before District Judge Roseann Ketchmark: SENTENCING held on 7/27/2022 for Jovell L Swopes (1). Time in court: 11:34 a.m. to 12:44 p.m. Defendant advised of right to appeal. Defendant remanded to the custody of the U.S. Marshal. To order a transcript of this hearing please contact Jean Crawford, 816-512-5642, (Wheeler, LaTandra) (Entered: 07/27/2022)
07/27/2022 130 JUDGMENT and COMMITMENT as to Jovell L Swopes. 96 months on Count(s) 3 of the Indictment, to be served consecutively to the 24-month term of imprisonment imposed in Case No. 13-00215-01-CR-W-GAF. Signed on 7/27/22 by District Judge Roseann Ketchmark.(Ellis, Lindsey) (Entered: 07/27/2022)
07/27/2022 131 STATEMENT OF REASONS (Sealed) as to Jovell L Swopes.

Per United States Judicial Conference policy, only authorized recipients shall be provided a copy of the Statement of Reasons absent express prior written authorization from this Court. Distribution is limited to the applicable defense counsel, the AUSA, the Financial Litigation Unit of the U.S. Attorney's Office, and Probation/Pretrial Services. Defense counsel are specifically prohibited from providing a copy of the Statement of Reasons to any defendant for any reason. Pro se defendants are also prohibited from obtaining a copy of the Statement of Reasons.

NOTICE: Document is available to applicable parties only. Authorized users enter PACER login and password first for authentication. The case AUSA shall forward this document to the Financial Litigation Unit of the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Signed on 7/27/22 by District Judge Roseann Ketchmark.(Ellis, Lindsey) (Main Document 131 replaced on 7/27/2022) (Wheeler, LaTandra). (Entered: 07/27/2022)

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