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Date: 09-24-2021

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United States of America v. Juan Navarro, Jr.

Case Number: 4:20-cr-00178-P

Judge: Mark Pittman

Court: United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas (Dallas County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: United States Attorney’s Office

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Dallas, TX: Criminal defense lawyer represented defendant charged with sexually exploiting children.

Juan Navarro, Jr., 38, was charged with sexual exploitation of two six-year-old girls and possession of child pornography.

Mr. Navarro admitted that in 2019, he enticed a female child into engaging in sexually explicit conduct for the purpose of producing images of such conduct. He also admitted that he stored multiple sexually explicit images of children on his cell phone.

According to court documents, the investigation began when Yahoo reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) that one of their email clients had uploaded child pornography. Law enforcement traced the email account in question to Mr. Navarro.

During a search of his residence, agents found a Samsung Galaxy phone containing multiple images of child pornography, including several images of little girls that appeared to have been created on the phone. In interviews with law enforcement, Mr. Navarro admitted that he sometimes emailed himself child porn, but initially denied knowing the girls.

However, the children’s mother confirmed that her daughters knew Mr. Navarro, and recognized the seat of his car in the images of her daughters, who have since received appropriate psychological and medical care.

“My girls are not physically here, but I am. I’m hear so my voice can be their voice and the voice of all of those other innocent victims,” their mother testified at sentencing. “We need our voices to be heard.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Dallas Field Office and the Grand Prairie Police Department conducted the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Brandie Wade prosecuted the case.

Sexual Exploitation of a Child (Violation of 18 U.S.C. §§ 2251(a)and (e))

Possession of Child Pornography (Violation of 18 U.S.C. § 2252A(a)(5)(B) and (b)(2))

Outcome: Pursuant to the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984, as amended, it is the judgment of the Court that the defendant, Juan Navarro, in 4:20-CR-178-P, is hereby committed to the custody of the Federal Bureau of Prisons for a period of THREE HUNDRED SIXTY (360) months as to Count 1 and SEVENTY (70) months as to Count 5 to run consecutively for a total of FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY (430) months. The Court did not order a fine because the defendant does not have the financial resources or future earning capacity to pay a fine. The defendant is ordered to make restitution, in the amount of $5,000. The defendant shall pay an assessment pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3014 to the United States in the amount of $5,000 as to Count 1 and $5,000 as to Count 5, for an aggregate amount of $10,000. It is further ordered that the defendant pay a special assessment of $100 per Count for a total of $200. Supervised Release is Ordered for a term of FIFTEEN (15) years per Count to run concurrently to each other. Pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 2253(a) and Fed. R. Crim. P. 32.2(b)(4)(B), it is hereby ordered that defendant's interest in the following property is condemned and forfeited to the United States: a Samsung Galaxy 8+ SM-G955U cellular phone, IMEI No. 355980084651458. The Court recommends to the BOP that the defendant be incarcerated at FCI Seagoville, if possible. Upon Motion of the government, all remaining Counts are dismissed, as to this defendant only. The Defendant is remanded to the custody of the US Marshal.

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