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Date: 04-10-2024

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United States of America v. Bennie Frank Withrow, IV

Case Number: 4:22-cr-109

Judge: Gregory K. Frizzell

Court: The United States District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma (Tulsa County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: The United States Attorney’s Office for Tulsa

Defendant's Attorney:

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Tulsa, Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer represented the Defendant charged with first-degree murder.

n December 2021, Dustin Tucker and his girlfriend bought methamphetamine from a drug dealer affiliated with the Universal Aryan Brotherhood (UAB) gang. After leaving the drug dealer's house, they were stopped by Tulsa Police officers. During the traffic stop, officers found methamphetamine on Dustin and a firearm in the car. While detained, Dustin told officers where he bought the drugs. The police then released Dustin and the girlfriend.

Dustin’s girlfriend attempted to warn the drug dealer, but officers were already at the drug house serving a search warrant. The girlfriend then called UAB gang member Bennie Withrow and told him about what happened.

Later that night, Dustin made plans to go to a casino with Withrow and a third friend. On the way, Withrow suggested they pull over to use drugs first. After they got out of the car, Withrow shot Dustin numerous times, leaving him to die in a field. Dustin’s body was found several days later in this field in Osage County. Withrow bragged to at least two people about killing Dustin.

A federal jury found Withrow guilty in July 2023 for the retaliation killing of Dustin Tucker.

Dustin was a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. Withrow will remain in custody pending transfer to the U.S. Bureau of Prisons. The FBI, Tulsa Police Department, Osage County Sheriff’s Office, and Osage Nation Police Department investigated the case. Assistant U.S. Attorneys David Nasar and Dennis Fries prosecuted the case.


Defendant was found guilty and sentenced to life plus 10 years.

Followed by 5 year of supervised release.

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