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Date: 10-25-2023

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Jerry Gene Lymburner v. Ashley Lee Axhelm, f/k/a Ashley Lee Lymburner

Case Number: 4:FA-19-1573

Judge: Earl A. Peterson

Court: Fourth Judicial District Superior Court, Fairbanks, Alaska

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Fairbanks, Alaska family divorce law lawyers represented the parties in dissolution.

A married couple divorced after roughly five years of marriage. They disagreed about custody of their three children, the valuation of a real estate business, whether the business was marital or separate property, the distribution of the marital property, and the amount of child support payments. The trial court awarded the mother
sole legal custody and primary physical custody of the children. The court found that the business was a marital asset and valued it at roughly $300,000, crediting the testimony of the mother's expert over the father's expert. The court evenly split the marital property and ordered the father to pay child support. The father appeals, arguing that the trial court erred in all of these rulings.
Lymburner v. Axhelm, S-18440, 1995 (Alaska Oct 25, 2023)

Outcome: Affirmed

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