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Date: 10-27-2023

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O.R. v. Social Security Administration

Case Number: 5:23-cv-00385

Judge: Suzanne Mitchell

Court: United States District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma (Oklahoma County)

Plaintiff's Attorney:

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Defendant's Attorney: Christina J. Valerio and Narissa C. Webb

Description: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma social security disability lawyer represented the Plaintiff seeking review of the denial by HHS of her application for Social Security: SSID Tit. XVI benefits.

Outcome: 11/03/2023 30 TRANSCRIPT LETTER advising transcripts are already on file re 25 Notice of Appeal filed by Omayra Romero. The record is ready for appeal purposes. (ekw) (Entered: 11/03/2023)

Plaintiff's Experts:

Defendant's Experts:


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