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Date: 03-15-2024

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State of Indiana v. Austin D. Ousley

Case Number: 82D03-2303-MR-001639

Judge: Robert J. Pigman

Court: Circuit Court, Vanderburgh County, Indiana

Plaintiff's Attorney: Vanderburgh County Indiana Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Defendant's Attorney:

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Description: Evansville, Indiana criminal defense lawyer represented the Defendant charged with attempted murder and reckless homicide.

Austin Ousley was accused of killing Shawn Wildt, shot his brother Chad in February of 2023. Chad was critically injured, but survived.

35-42-1-1(1): Murder, 35-42-1-1(1)/F1: Attempted Murder Attempted intentional killing of another., 35-43-2-1.5/F6: Residential Entry break and enter dwelling, 35-50-2-11(b)(1)/NC: Firearm Used in Commission of Offense; Felony Under IC 35-42; SBI/Death results, 35-43-2-2(b)(1)/MA: Criminal Trespass Def., not having contractual interest in property, knowingly, 35-43-2-1/F2:Burglary Burglary with serious bodily injury.

Outcome: Defendant was found guilty.

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