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Date: 08-24-2023

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Sadia Khan v. United States of America

Case Number: 8:23-cv-00830

Judge: Deborah K. Chasanow

Court: United States District Court for the District of Maryland (Prince George's County)

Plaintiff's Attorney: Josh Goldstein

Defendant's Attorney: Kelly M. Marzullo

Description: Greenbelt, Maryland immigration law lawyer represented the Plaintiff who sued the Defendants seeking a writ of mandamus to adjudicate a visa petition.

"A writ of mandamus is a court order that commands a public official or lower court to perform a certain act. The writ is an extraordinary remedy, which means that it is only used in limited circumstances.

To be granted a writ of mandamus, the petitioner must show that:

The petitioner has a legal right to the relief requested.
The respondent has a clear duty to perform the act that is being requested.
The respondent is refusing to perform the act without a valid reason.
The petitioner has no other adequate remedy available.

Writs of mandamus are often used to compel government agencies to follow the law. For example, a writ of mandamus could be used to compel a government agency to issue a permit that it has been delaying or denying.

Writs of mandamus can also be used to compel lower courts to follow the law. For example, a writ of mandamus could be used to compel a lower court to issue a ruling on a case that it has been delaying.

Writs of mandamus are a powerful tool that can be used to ensure that the law is followed. However, they are also a limited remedy that should only be used in the most appropriate cases.

Here are some examples of when a writ of mandamus might be used:

To compel a government agency to issue a permit.
To compel a government agency to comply with a court order.
To compel a lower court to rule on a case.
To compel a public official to perform their duties.

If you believe that you have a right to a writ of mandamus, you should consult with an attorney. An attorney can help you assess your case and determine whether a writ of mandamus is the right remedy for you."

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Outcome: 08/24/2023 12 NOTICE of Voluntary Dismissal by Sadia Khan (Goldstein, Joshua) (Entered: 08/24/2023)
08/24/2023 13 PAPERLESS ORDER APPROVING 12 Plaintiff's notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice. Signed by Judge Deborah K. Chasanow on 8/24/2023. (sat, Chambers) (Entered: 08/24/2023)

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