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Date: 06-09-2024

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The State of Oklahoma v. Joshua Troy Caudle

Case Number: CF-2018-87

Judge: Lawrence W. Parish

Court: District Court, Okmulgee County, Oklahoma

Plaintiff's Attorney: Okmulgee County Oklahoma District Attorney's Office

Defendant's Attorney: Robert V. Seacat

Description: Okmulgee, Oklahoma criminal defense lawyer represented the plaintiff charged with for lewd or indecent proposals to a child under 16 years old in violation of 21 O.S. 1123(A)(1).

"¶3 On March 27, 2018, Caudle drove to a house in Okmulgee County, wearing his jailer uniform, badge, and duty weapon, for the purpose of having sex with a person he knew online only as "Stevie J". In reality, Stevie J. was a fictious person and profile, created by Captain James Ables of the Okmulgee Police Department, as part of an online undercover investigation of internet crimes against children. Using the social media site, MeetMe, Captain Ables initiated this investigation during February and March of 2018, and to comply with the website's age requirement, he listed Stevie J. as over 18 years of age.

¶4 It was undisputed that Caudle sent the first message to this fake profile. It was also undisputed that Caudle was told early on that Stevie J. was only 13 years old. Caudle ceased contact after the initial conversations and being told Stevie J. was 13. However, he resumed contact with the Stevie J profile within a day or so, using a newly-created profile of his own. He was again told Stevie J. was 13. Nonetheless, he engaged in conversations over the next few weeks, some of them sexual in nature, and arranged to meet the purported 13-year-old to have sex. He drove to the pre-set meeting place, passed by the house twice before stopping, and police arrested him in the driveway of the residence.

¶5 Caudle waived his Miranda rights and agreed to make a statement. He admitted that he was the one chatting with Stevie J. online. He said he changed his mind about having sex on the way to the prearranged meeting and intended to break it off in person. At trial, however, Caudle testified in his own defense and claimed that he believed that he was chatting with a 23-year-old the whole time. He claimed he thought the statements about Stevie J. being 13 were part of a fantasy game and he relied on the defense of entrapment."

Outcome: Convicted by a jury.

Affirmed. See: 2024 OK CR 14

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